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Started by Wecoc, July 16, 2013, 02:26:29 pm

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Change Tile Size
Authors: Wecoc
Version: 1.0
Type: Tilemap Add-On
Key Term: Game Utility


This script allows you to change que width and the height of the tiles, under 32px. It's a Tilemap Add-On but I also modified Game_Map, Game_Character, Game_Player and Sprite_Character to fix movement and scroll problems with the edit. It does not contain a Resolution script, but you will probably need one if you use it. The editor draws it wrong but borders don't need to be transparent, Tilemap ignores them, so depending how you release the tileset you will be able to map easily.


  • You can change tile width and height independently (always under 32px)

  • Player and events will be displayed well on the map

  • Movement and scroll fit well with the new tile size


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Download Change Tile Size.zip

There are 2 new scripts in the demo, you just need to copy them.
On the top of the Tilemap script there is a module called RESTILES with two globals, X and Y. It's that simple, just change their values.


Be careful with that, the second script changes many things of default classes. However I don't know about any important incompatibility.

Credits and Thanks

  • King & GodLike -> All the original Tilemap source

  • Wecoc -> Simple "change tile size" add-on

Author's Notes

Hope you enjoy it.


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Where the hell was this 4 years ago when I was a noob working on my game?

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Man this script is good I think, I like using the VX sprite style and this would let the tilesets fit with them better.

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