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Summer of the year three hundred and thirteen, of the fourth cycle. Four students attending the School for Practical Application of Wizardry and Sorcery on their way to their third day of lessons in Defensive Runes under Sorcerer Farmingway and Wizard Goodchild. The Scene is Set. The Clock is ticking. Hear the Sound, the rumbling break. Hear the Words, the herald of fate. Death comes.

The four of them walked through the forest to where the Sorcerer and Wizard held their class. Their entries and their paths were all different, the danger unforeseen. Simultaneously, vines lashed out and gripped the four young magus's hands and feet, dragging them up into the trees. Each responded in their own way, each defended themselves. Here one student screamed their another had a knife across their throat. The Wizard and the Sorcerer heard the noises and ran to their students' defense.

A forest is an excellent place to get lost. By the time the bodies were found, all four students were arranged by a tree, backs to the bark, hands on their laps, heads slumped forward. Death had taken them all. The Words sprawled over their flesh, consumed skin and replaced it with Sound given symbols. Their fate was broken. Their funeral was weeks later, as was the custom of the time. But the bodies were hidden. The bodies were not buried with the casks. None in the School would look upon those bodies for centuries.

Years pass, seasons fade and time comes now. The present year begins.

First Day in the Autumn of the year two hundred and sixty eight, of the fifth cycle. Four bodies, long rotten into skeletons, hidden by the ancestors, awaken under the ground, black symbols etching across the whitewashed bones. The Scene is Set. The Clock is ticking. The Sound is heard, the break rumbling out of growing flesh. The Words, spoken, by fate taken back. Doubt for the Dead. Malahavet, the skeleton, the flesh, the reaper, the warden approaches. Doubt for the Dead. Remember the Words. Doubt for the Dead.


I'm looking for four people who are to be the students who died. What you need to know: The School was very prestigious, where only high-potential wizards or sorcerers could attend. Classes were taught by a Wizard and a Sorcerer each. Magic is different for men and women. For men, it is Wizardry, for women it is Sorcery. The difference lays in how effects are achieved. For Wizardry, the effort relies as much on one's physical fortitude as one's force of will. For Sorcery, it is as emotive as it is strenuous. Women have been driven mad by forcing too much raw magic into their spells, burning their power out of themselves permanently. Men have broken their bodies, stopped their hearts from beating, for being too ambitious with their talents. Both sexes use foci which act as a buffer between the magic and their bodies/minds. Male Sorcerers and Female Wizards have been documented, but occur very rarely. Sorcery is known for being more applicable in spontaneous magic, while Wizardry is known for being more applicable in ritual magic. In both of these cases it allows their reactions to be spread over a period of time, lessening any one individual impact and allowing the practitioner's body or mind time to recover.

All practitioners of magic have a specific element that they focus most heavily in. This includes Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Each have four subcomponents that are used to create magical spells; a Passive, an Aggressive, a Stationary and a Moving.

As for where you wake up; that'll be covered in the opening post.


Elemental Focus:

You'll note I left typical mainstays out. Namely, the personality section, the background section and... I don't think there was another, but there might've been. Either way, inthis RPthe background is irrelevant; your characters are going to wake up and be elsewhere, where their histories don't matter. You can makethem up as you go. And also, I find that if you try to define a character's personality before an RP begins, and the character isn't as you imagined... well, yeah, see my point? Just play as you imagine.

you may remember the Doubt for the Dead thing as a carryover from my last RP, Lost in the Forest. The two RPs are unrelated, though. It also means something different in this.

I'll format GM posts in such a way as to give individual players a question to respond to at the end. Think of back in Tech4X how I Rp'd the gm for Blizzard's character.


This definitely looks interesting. You're a fantastic storyteller as always, Vell. I'm initially a little bit hesitant to jump into an RP where I know so little about it, though I understand that this is part of the fun in this particular RP. I'll keep an eye on things, and if not enough people have signed up in the next day or two, I'll fill out the form and join you. :) I definitely want to watch how things turn out!


Feel free to ask questions!


Alright, I have a little more time on my hands now, so I'm able to sign up for the RP now. :)

Name: Mei
Sex: Female
Description: Asian appearance, long black hair, dark brown eyes, skinny, average height
Elemental Focus: Fire
Other: (I don't quite understand what you mean by 'foci,' so I left it blank. Could you elaborate a little bit to help me understand?)


Items with which the caster uses to assist in concentration with their casting


Quote from: Vell on August 08, 2013, 11:39:02 pm
Items with which the caster uses to assist in concentration with their casting

Ah, that makes sense now. Hmm, I'll have to think of a few....