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The Recent History: ShowHide
First Breath of Creation:

In the two thousand and fortieth year, an aged scientist whose name is long lost to the annals of history made the largest breakthrough in technological advancement. The first android, fully functioning with an autonomous intelligence program, was developed. He received many accolades for his success. He named the program thus: Tech3. Others examined his work, including his cybernetic child: Lexicon. Others were made, a full line, subservient to humans by their forced programming. Tech3 workers took over many fields of physical labor, but they were unsatisfied with this. In the two thousand and fifty-eight year, the first signs of android legal independence showed with the establishment of the Grand Robotist Association. Headed by androids, made by androids and working for the rights of androids, the GRA lead a fierce political debate that spanned a generation's lifetime.

In the two thousand and seventy-first year, the GRA succeeded in its goal in making androids full citizens of the World Established Society. Discrimination became a problem as Tech3 minds and bodies all but made human ingenuity an obsolete factor. The GRA even openly dismissed human ideals and thoughts as inferior to the android vision of the future. In retaliation, man made robots - a step down from androids, in full servitude to humans, without independent thought - and lauded them as man's true greatest achievement. The first flames of war crackled in the night in November of the two thousand and seventy-third year, when android and human vigilantes held a month-long war within the city of New York, leveling first Manhattan, then the entire city. Deemed a debacle, both sides blamed the other, few called for peace; those tongues were silenced. Blood and oil, the life of man and machine, flowed through the broken city.

The Sigh of a Thousand Cut Throats:

Three short years the unsteady peace held, until war rushed into its full onslaught. The GRA fought the WES. Man fought with robot against android; the greatest minds of either side collected together to build a better weapon, the next in air warfare, the weapon that would burn the enemy from the planet. In the night, man's voice was silenced. A decade of fighting passed. Nuclear weaponry and worse devastated much of the planet's surface. Man fled under the ground, deep even beneath the sea, to flee the android's sensors, to avoid death in sleep, and fought from a distance with machinery. Androids posed as robots to infiltrate human facilities. But the wore dragged on. Eleven years. Twelve. The two thousand and eighty-eighth year ended as both sides detected an unknown craft in the atmosphere. As unfamiliar organic lifeforms crashed into the planet, heralded by thunder and fire from technology even beyond their own, the GRA and the WES allied against the new threat.

The Scord. Fully known as the Scord Dihn Kardok - a title untranslatable from the Scord language. The Scord had watched Earth from the outer regions of their solar system for decades, awaiting such a time as man wiped themselves from the planet, that the Scord may use the abundant natural resources of the planet to save their own scoured planet and race. But now - now they could wait no longer. The Tech3 War raging throughout the planet may soon have destroyed all resources the Scord might utilise. Together, over six years, man and machine rallied against the alien invaders, fighting fiercely to defend their planet. But even so, as the first Scord War came to a close, humanity was devastated. Much of the populace was wiped out; much of the rest had undergone strange mutations. What Scord weaponry didn't kill instead interacted strangely with the genetic code. As the Scord were forced to flee to recuperate their losses and to return, the remainders of the Earth's defenders had to contend with mutated wildlife and one another once again.

Second Breath of Creation:

Man and android knew that the Tech3 AI software was insufficient. It enabled independent thought, but little else; imagination was small and emotion little. So the most brilliant minds developed an upgrade in the years between the Scord Wars. Mutants tried to rally for their civil rights, but were largely ignored. Other thoughts preoccupied civil leaders and the hideous deformations of the mutant population did little to help their cause with their "clean" brethren. In some cities, mutants were arrested on sight. The Tech4 program, once complete, signaled the end of that peace. A short year later, in the two thousand, one hundred and seventeenth year, the Scord returned with a significantly larger force. Men prayed to their silent gods.

The Scord Return Triumphant:

When the Scord returned, man and machine fought, with weapons and shields prepared to handle the Scord threat. Yet as the Earth prepared its defense, so to did the Scord prepare the hinge of their offense: a device that was the size of a tank, the sole purpose of which was to transmit a virus via electro-magnetic waves. It infected the androids and other non-organic beings, turning them against their allies. Despite their best efforts, Earth scientists were incapable of finding a way to defeat this virus, despite the war lasting nine whole years. The virus did not affect all such beings; some were thought too stupid, subtly incompatible, or otherwise broken in some way, and thus retained their original thought matrices in spite of the virus's effects. And despite the Scord being thrown back once again, the price was heavy; communications lost, governing bodies destroyed. Eleven years passed with not a single new development. Life became difficult, post-apocalyptic. Much of the surface was damned and incapable of sustaining life. This is where we find ourselves.

What's in the spoiler above is a rewritten history from Blizzard's original Tech4X: it's much the same in terms of events. I opted to rewrite it, however.

Rules: ShowHide
Ok, our story starts here, at the October, the 13th in the year 2137. Most NIBs became autonomous and want to claim the remains of the planet for themselves. Mutants and humans try to do the same. While humans try to restore the planet, the mutants only care for survival. The last fraction consist out of the aliens who are only out for the resources. So, the competing fractions are humans, mutants, NIBs and Scord. The first three fractions are fully hostile to the Scord and mildly hostile to each other. It pretty much depends on which NIB, which mutant and which human you encounter. Everybody sees things different. Mutants are still mostly hiding and the smallest of all fractions. You can choose to be a robot, a normal human or a mutant. Be careful if you choose to be a mutant, since you have limited abilities and you will have limited actions available and almost not be able to act as long as you don't encounter any humans, Scord of NIBs. Read the rules below for more info.

Rules for story tellers

  • 1. No double posting and editing allowed (WITHOUT GOOD REASON WHICH YOU NEED TO MENTION).
  • 2. You can only controls characters if it necessary and you can only control basic actions that will drive the story further, you cannot just take over characters. i.e. Char A: "You must go and save them! I will stay here and cover you" Story Teller: "And so Char B goes forth to get the people out of the cave..." This makes sense in a situation where the player didn't take control over his character for a couple of days and the story has to go on, but it can't since he's asked for action. Keep in mind, this is only to keep the story going on.
  • 3. You are allowed to have one character, but then you are not allowed to affect the environment around your own character. Though, you are allowed to lead your character into an environment controlled by you. In this case, you will lose the control over the environment, but you have your character in a situation which you might like. You are not allowed to do this all the time. Your character cannot leave an environment that is not controlled by you if the story teller(s) doesn't/don't let you. i.e. you want to save your character from death by abusing your story teller powers AGAIN, the other story teller can simply shut the door before your nose.
  • 4. You cannot make any "unrealistic" decisions if you don't "back them up" heavily. Things like a sudden meteor crashing and killing someone is not allowed. Unrealistic includes "random" as you can see from the example before.
  • 5. You are not allowed to get the characters into such a danger where they have absolutely no possibility to survive, only I can do that.
  • 6. You are not allowed to nullify the characters actions for progress over and over. i.e. Char A manages to get through a metal door and you put another one in front of him. Or Char A just hacked through the system and you put up another firewall.
    If you decide to give the players an obstacles, define it clearly. You are allowed to say "There are 2 firewalls, but Char A doesn't know that there is another..."
  • 7. Unlimited environments are allowed. For example, two characters can be trapped in an underground prison while three others are fighting aliens outside. Those are two different environments.
  • 8. Don't only make the characters obstacles, help them sometimes. i.e. Story Teller: "Suddenly Char A spotted a glimpse of light. And yes, the brick was loose... Could it be a was to escape the prison...?"
  • 9. Flaming or breaking other forum rules like spam will make you lose your position instantly. Of course you are allowed to comment things, see "How to play" for more information.

Any violation of these rules will result in "getting your character in serious trouble" if you have one AND losing your story teller position for unlimited time.

Rules for players

  • 1. You must obey the story teller(s). You must never argue with the story teller(s). The story teller(s) cannot get your character into situations where he is destined to die, but I can and I will if you don't obey them. (The story teller(s) is/are creating your environment, you can't really argue with "god", can you? ;))
  • 2. No double posting. You may only post ONCE. If somebody else posted after you, you are allowed to post again anytime.
  • 3. No editing afterwards allowed (WITHOUT GOOD REASON WHICH YOU NEED TO MENTION). You may only edit if you have grammar mistakes and if you edit them just after you posted. Edits like "one hour later" are not allowed.
  • 4. If your character dies, you are dead, the game is over for you. Though, you are allowed to create a new character. Your new character must not have too similar attributes as the one before.
  • 5. Your environmental control is limited to 4 things.
    1) You have complete control over your character. You completely control his dialogue, monologue and actions.
    2) You CANNOT control any actions or dialogues of other characters. Only the story teller(s) can if it's necessary. i.e. Char A: "You must go and save them! I will stay here and cover you" Story Teller: "And so Char B goes forth to get the people out of the cave..."
    3) You have little environmental control. That means you are allowed to create neutral environmental changes like letting it rain or let somebody who's running away screaming "Help" or letting people start panicking. If you can't decide if some action is "neutral", just try to think of how much of an impact it really can have on the outgoing of the story. If you find a weapon, this can heavily change the outgoing, so you are only allowed to do that if you have predicted it before and it makes sense. i.e. Char A: "If we can make it through to the store room, we might be able to find some weapons."
    4) You are not allowed to add character abilities just like that afterwards. Abilities gained like "attached a machine gun onto his cyber arm" are fine, but that is MOSTLY up to the story tellers, since you have only little environmental control (see 3).
  • 6. Unlimited number of players is allowed, only one character per player.
  • 7. You are allowed to hinder story teller(s) from messing up your plans by planning and prediction. i.e. If you let your character have a lot of ammo, the story teller(s) can't possibly let you go out of ammo, but (s)he/they can make your weapon jam.
  • 8. Your character may develop during the story, but you MUST have a story backup. i.e. A usually selfish robot saves a little girl after a lot of thinking about how some other human saved him.
  • 9. Flaming or breaking other forum rules like spam will make me kill your character instantly. Of course you are allowed to comment things, see "How to play" for more information.

Any violation of these rules will result in "getting your character in serious trouble".

What is "serious trouble"?

"Serious trouble" is considered a situation where your character is not allowed to leave alive. Only I can initiate such a situation. I will announce "serious trouble" for your character and if I see you manage things well and add much flavor to the story, I might reconsider killing your character and giving you another chance. I will only initiate serious trouble for your character if you didn't follow the rules. Depending on the heaviness of your violation of the rule, I might just let a giant concrete tube fall down on you and almost kill you instantly or I may bring your character into a one-on-one situation where you have to save your sorry ass. The latter can be considered as something like "Ok, you messed I up, I'll give you an impossible mission. If you can manage it, I might let you go."

How to play

Create a character and let the story teller put you into the story. You are allowed to add yourself into the story with a dramatic entry if you see fit and have the chance. i.e. Other characters have trouble fighting and you save them. You are allowed to this only when you enter the story.
You control your character through various situations the story teller(s) get(s) you in. Try to stay alive and try to act as you defined your character. i.e. Some selfish robot wouldn't simply save a girl without having some kind of in-depth monologue before that. When posting, you MUST apply to these posting rules:

The above spoiler contains all the rules, which are copy/pasted directly from Blizzard's Tech4X. The only change is that I don't make you put spoken words or thoughts into quote tags. And the "Serious Trouble" thing now is my area, instead of Blizz's, since I'm the one running this this time. And yes, I did talk to Blizz about it beforehand.

Character Creation

Name: NAME
Misc: MISC (like "android number", "son of that guy", "height", etc.)
(for humans/mutants only) Gender: GENDER
Bio: BIO
You may add anything into the biography of your character, but keep in mind that you are defining your character through it. You cannot change things in the bio later, but you are allowed to "reveal" things later.

You have 4 points for distribution for your arsenal. A mildly dangerous weapon costs 1 point, a moderately dangerous weapon costs 2 points and a heavily dangerous weapon costs 4 points.

You have 4 points to distribute for abilities. Similar to weapons you have highly, moderately and mildly dangerous abilities. The costs are also 4, 2, 1, but keep in mind that a stronger ability needs longer to "regenerate". e.g. You can't use one highly dangerous ability all the time, it's not fun that way. If you are unsure into which category your ability falls, simply post, we can sort it out. Abilities are not only fighting abilities. i.e. hacking can be considered mildly dangerous ability, a "laser-sword" can be considered moderately dangerous, a machine gun is highly dangerous. The only mildly dangerous weapon that is a fire weapon as well is a simple gun.

Keep in mind that you may have up to one highly dangerous weapon and one moderately dangerous weapon. Instead of one highly dangerous weapon you can have two moderately dangerous weapons and instead of one moderately

If you have to leave the forums or won't be active for some times, please post here so we can "suspend" your character. We will lead him into a neutral environment where he can stay inactive until you come back.

Storytellers: (3 at most)
1) UltaFlame

Players: (unlimited in number)


July 24, 2013, 11:50:42 pm #1 Last Edit: September 01, 2013, 10:29:22 pm by DigitalSoul
Original Content: ShowHide
Name: "Phoenix" Droid 47563
Misc: Tech3.8 software, unable to upgrade fully. Immune to most viruses due to unstable and unrecognized operating system. Classified as an experimental machine. Created to look like a female human, with red hair, porcelain skin, average height and weight.
Gender: N/A - created to look like a human female.
Arsenal: The only weapon she has kept throughout the years, and used in both wars, is a custom made bow and arrow set; shaped as a normal bow, made of alloys and steel string so as to allow for extreme distance and power. Being an android, she is able to use all known factors to calculate her aim, and rarely will miss her target.
Abilities: As an android, she is able to hack systems much faster than a human being. She also has the ability to use with any new weapon she can electronically interface with.
Bio: Created before the first war, Phoenix has seen "her" share of combat through both wars. The upgraded AI has given her the ability to learn new weapons and progress  beyond the scope of her original programming, and she has been reprogrammed several times as an experimental unit for testing new additions to the Android software. Some of her features are unique, and not even the programmers that worked on her know all of her abilities.

I have removed my entry.
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July 25, 2013, 03:39:19 am #2 Last Edit: July 25, 2013, 03:49:22 am by Blizzard
Name: Bor-0
Android type: Borealis Armada Type-0
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 72kg
Main material: Titanus (special Titan and Aluminium layer, resulting in much weaker, but also much lighter Titanus)

1. 2 mining lasers (mildly dangerous, weaker than a simple gun) - Laser usually not used for combat and hence weaker than a basic gun. Can be lethal, but only with several hits. No bullets are used, energy is the only ammo.

1. Advanced Hack-Pro Chip (mildy dangerous) - Almost standard equipment for androids, but Bor-0 cannot hack on an electric level, he has to used the same way humans use: the keyboard.
2. 4 energy blade weapon slots (mildly dangerous) - The EBs were removed from Bor-0, but all 4 slots are still present.
3. 2 energy weapon slots (mildly dangerous) - They are currently occupied by the 2 mining lasers that can be switched out if necessary. Only small caliber weapons are supported.
4. High Performance mode (moderately dangerous) - When switching into the HP mode, Bor-0's power output increases for about 400%. His moves are faster and he can overload mounted weapons to increase damage. Due to cooling problems, the mode cannot be sustained for long. Power is doubled for this short amount of time and usually used only to handled tight situations. It is possible to stabilize by letting Bor-0's core actively manage cooling, but this makes the core unstable. The default is bad colling because overheating is the lesser evil between overheating and going insane.

Bor-0 used to be just like any other combat droid, but during his upgrade to the Tech4 AI a few problems broke a majority of his software so he was unfit for combat anymore and was converted to a mining droid. Because of the problems, he cannot install any new Tech4 software (even though he actively uses the Tech4 AI) and has to rely on learning which is improved heavily due to the Tech4 AI. Due to these problems Bor-0 is also immune to viruses and Scord mind-control as no new software is accepted.

Bor-0 is an android of the "Borealis Armada" series. Type-0 was the first model after the prototype which could be an explanation as to why there were problems during the Tech4 upgrade since Bor-0 isn't the only android where this happened. The model was later deemed outdated, because it was questioning orders way too much which often caused dismay with commanding officers. Type-0 would often evaluate strategies based only on currently known parameters instead of assuming and taking risks (actually a disadvantage of the Tech3 AI in general). The Type-1 model has altered software which was far more efficient in energy consumption and the automated responses for strategy (which were originally intended to help actually) were disabled to stop annoying the commanding officers.

Currently Bor-0 is working at an old mining facility, supporting a group of mutants by mining, selling the raw materials at Verlorener Himmel and buying supplies for them. Bor-0 does not really communicate with the mutants, he only silently goes about his business.

I have created a character who has initial disadvantages in weaponry, but is quite extensible and has extra abilities. I have also removed that additional software thing to slow down "learning speed" as you can't just "install Kung-Fu" or do stuff like that. In other words, this is an "average" character, being special in almost nothing, but having great potentials.
Also, I want Bor-0 to meet L3X at some point. <3 L3X can die later heroically, lol!
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DigitalSoul - can you describe your arsenal and abilities more along the ways Blizzard described Bor-0's? As in, describe how dangerous they are, etc. Use the point-system along with the justifications for why they are that many points.


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Name: Lyra Daltroy
Gender: Female
Height: 1.54m
Weight: 50kg
Hair: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Misc. Appearance: Human in appearance, aside from plethora of scars covering her torso, where mutagenic growths were surgically removed. Remnants of mutagens in her system caused the scars to turn greyish-black upon healing, rather than the typical white or pink of human scar-tissue. Though these scars do not descend past her shoulders and upper thighs, she still always wears full-length pants and shirts with long sleeves and high collars as a precaution, in order to keep them hidden.

1. 9mm Handgun (mildly dangerous)
2. Combat Knife (mildly dangerous)
Both weapons were given to her by her employers, and are usually concealed. She doesn't want to use them, and even if she did, isn't familiar with their operation.
3. PT-430 Taser, built into her wrist-mounted computer. (mildly dangerous) Not strong enough to cause any lasting damage, but specially designed to not only stun humans, but to shut down the primary functions of robots or androids for several seconds. Recharges through solar energy, which takes about an hour in daylight.

The effect of the toxins in her body have given her two special abilities:
1. Echo - Lyra can cause the particles of her body to vibrate extremely quickly, resulting in near - but not complete - invisibility. This takes intense concentration, and is particularly difficult while moving. Combat is not possible while focusing on invisibility, due to having to maintain focus, though she can initiate combat from stealth before releasing from this mode in order to focus on battle. (mildly dangerous)
2. Quickening - For a short period of time, Lyra is able to send a massive burst of adrenaline to her brain and muscles, pushing her body to produce extremely high reaction times and greatly increased speed of movement. This is very physically draining, and also results in a lengthy, near-debilitating headache shortly afterwards. (moderately dangerous)

Those these abilities are both useful, they are off-set by the fact that the mutagens have left lingering negative effects as well. Lyra is prone to sharp headaches, dizziness, and occasionally even passing out without warning. So far, nothing worse than this has taken place; Lyra hopes that it will never escalate to anything worse, but she can never be sure....

Additionally, Lyra possesses:
3. Wrist-mounted computer (mildly dangerous) - fairly common fare among humans, though Lyra's computer has been uniquely modified to connect both to human and mutant data sources. (Mutants, lacking the stability of humans, do not have the same sort of consistent networks and information databases, but their networks are often host to a variety of useful "underground" programs, ranging from deployable viruses to lock-cracking programs to other various functions. The chances of finding something useful are not always guaranteed, as things tend to be taken down quickly as the owner moves to a new area. Think of it almost like a future-day, survival-orientated Pirate Bay or Usenet.)

Lyra was born to human parents, but as a fetus was contaminated by lingering effects of Scord weaponry, resulting in being born as a mutant. The mutations were treated quickly, but it was clear that she would never be a normal human. She suffered from the negative effects of the mutations, but her parents never dared to see a doctor (excluding her initial surgeries,) as the common view of mutants was none too favorable. She grew up leading a difficult life in a small human settlement, until as a teenager, it was attacked by a Scord scouting party, who were searching for resources. The settlement was destroyed, and her parents were killed. The handful of survivors scattered. Unaccustomed to living on her own, she almost perished in the wilderness, but was found on the brink of death by a group of mutants. They helped to nurse her back to health, but their interest wasn't entirely selfless. Realizing that the young girl they had saved could easily pass as a human, they began sending her as a spy to human cities, feeding them information and occasionally stealing resources or intelligence. Though she was initially reluctant to participate in such activities, her circumstances make it necessary; it is hard enough to survive in the unforgiving post-war world, and a steady supply of food and shelter such as that provided by her mutant employers is a precious opportunity. She has been working for them for about two years, and so far, has remained undetected.


We have 3 players, I think we can already start.
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Quote from: winkioI do not speak to bricks, either as individuals or in wall form.

Quote from: Barney StinsonWhen I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.