Blizz-ABS add-on. Actor weapon sprites for skills.

Started by Shalaren, August 04, 2013, 05:13:11 pm

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So I am trying to create several classes with unique skills in my game, and one of my classes is a typical warrior who I'm wanting to have sword based skills. so I tried to do so but there is no feature that enables the weapon sprites to play when using skills. I know that I could just have the skill sprite look like a swinging sword, but I want the sword that will visually appear to be the sword the actor is currently wearing. so the add on will enable to create weapon specific skills that will play the sprite of the weapon your character is currently wearing ALONG with the skill sprites (with the option of having weapons have a weapon skill specific sprites {Actor_wpn_2_skl4}... Depending on the skill). Here's an example of a skill: name of the skills is Slashing wave, the actor is to appear to be swinging his sword just as he would with basic attack, (plus the skill animation being on top of it to add an effect) but the skill being a thrusting skill will shoot a wave (projectile)... and incase you are thinking it could be done through the combo system, I dont want the basic attack to be associated with it, just the animation of the weapon.

Scripts I am using right now
Blizz Abs 2.84
Mouse Controller by Blizzard
Mouse Controller Enhancement Script by Nathmatt
Auto-Targeting for Blizz-ABS by Blizzard
Visual Equipment for Blizz-ABS by Blizzard
Chrono Trigger Skill Learning
Rain of Add-ons by Xelias

I'm not sure if this would be hard to make... I hope someone has the time to take a look into it :)
Thanks in advance everyone!