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Started by Wecoc, August 14, 2013, 09:22:35 pm

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AGO (Audio-Graphics-Others) Finder
Authors: Wecoc
Version: 1.0
Type: File finder
Key Term: Game Utility


This script allows you to find across the whole game something in particular (like a bgm, a picture, or a switch) to know where it was used.
You can copy the script on your game over main then use it as times as you want and then delete it again, so credits are not needed.


  • Checks all used files of an specific type

  • Checks all unused files of an specific type

  • The result can be saved on a txt file

  • Tells you where a file is used across the game




Put over main the entire code: AGO Finder 1.0


Inside the script.


I don't care xD <- (joking)
It uses an alias of Scene_Title :command_new_game
Nothing more I guess.

Credits and Thanks

No credits needed.

Author's Notes

If a file is called from the Script Editor, the script will not find it. So if you want to delete a not found file, I recommend you to search it on the Script Editor before.
Don't worry about script call from events, the script searches there. Enjoy! :)


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I knew there was another similar. It does, but it's not exactly the same so I hope it will be useful.