[XP] How to disable Fullscreen Alt+Enter function

Started by Wecoc, September 24, 2013, 06:44:55 pm

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How to disable Fullscreen Alt+Enter function

Orochii Zouveleki told me this trick some time ago and it's useful so I wanted to post it.
When you are on game you can switch between fullscreen mode or window mode pressing Alt+Enter.

I will show you how to have a better control on this function and also how to deactivate it.

Step 1:
Download Resource Hacker. It's the same program used on this tutorial to change the icon on your game: Changing Your Game Icon

Step 2:
Start up ResHacker.exe
Go to File -> Open, then go to the directory where your game files are located.
Choose to open the the dll ; by default it's filename is RGSS102J.dll

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Step 3:
Accelerators >> 102 >> 1024

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Step 4:
Change this:

to this:

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Now the fullscreen is not called with Alt + Enter but rather with F13.

The important thing there is that you won't be able to call it through the keyboard because there's no F13 key, but you can use it on scripts using Win32API.

Step 5:
Click 'Compile Script'

Step 6:
Go to File -> Save
A copy of the original dll will be saved also on the game's folder.

Step 7:
Close Resourse Hacker and test the game.


Hmmm, very interesting. Would that work for F1 and F12 as well?
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For F1, yeah, it does. I actually removed the vanilla options menu for my game because I have a pretty much custom everything xD (controls, FMod... and a bunch of others specific to my game). The line that says VK_F1. The second line is for FPS showing, which actually gives some problems with stuff that grab the window's identifier by Win32API based on the game's title (screenshots for example, they don't get the area properly when it's showing the FPS). EDIT: Good thing is that the F2 works only on tests.

As for the F12, seems to not be inside RGSS DLL accelerators. Maybe it is inside Game.exe's?
Orochii Zouveleki