[RMXP] Little change to my Scene Formation script!

Started by PrinceEndymion88, September 10, 2013, 11:05:45 am

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In my game there are 4 formations and in according to which formation has been chosen, 5 special heroes can use together a combined technique which takes the name from the formation. I've created a menu to select the favourite formation, but I want to edit it or better i want to edit a graphic part.

This is the menu where you can select the formation:

Here you can find the demo: https://hotfile.com/dl/244801197/571331b/formazione.exe.html
You can select "Formazione" into the game menu.

Actually I use these scripts: ccoa's weather script, KH SAVE, ums by ccoa, mode7, CCOA 3.04 RTA, Mog Damage System, DRG - Scene Menu Animated Cursor, Scene into flash, mana title, MOG Scene Shop, mog scene story, Party Changer, Stop the victory ME, Skill Chrono Trigger, shadow text, ,dash, region system, mog battler effects, Light Effects XP 2.1


Here is some uh... critique? I wanted to point out some things.
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As for the character battle graphics, it depends on the script you use for animation or whatever. But mainly it is getting the battler name, getting the portion of the graphic you wish to put on screen, get the X/Y positions (depends on your formation definitions). And voilĂ , sent all that stuff to your sprite object and make it appear on screen.

I'll see if I can do something about it,
Orochii Zouveleki


Thanks :D this is the old version of my first release! I'll format it! Thanks for your suggestion! =)


Your original post doesn't really tell much about what you want. Sure you want to modify the scene a bit, but we don't know how you want it. The two reference images aren't explaining a whole lot. If all you want is to draw the battler graphic of the actor at position X (by the way, position of actor in party and position of actor in battle are the exact same thing), you do something like this in your window class

for i in 0..4
 actor = $game_party.actors[i]
 bitmap = RPG::Cache.battler(actor.battler_name, actor.battler_hue)
 self.contents.blt(X + i * 50, Y + i * 50, bitmap, Rect.new(0,0,bitmap.width,bitmap.height)

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