Reasonable or Not?

Started by EntropyUSB, October 18, 2013, 06:35:34 pm

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Alright, with minimal effort; I plan on starting this thread in hopes that it may turn out to become a "sticky" thread as many consider.

Question: "Is it reasonable to _______________________?"

Solution/Opinion: "I believe that it is/isn't reasonable to _____________________..."

So, the idea of this, is to list something that you consider to be unreasonable; then give a reason as to why it is unreasonable and see what others may say.

Now, I shall begin and see where this goes... hopefully you people on here don't take these conversations as seriously as people on

Question: "Is it reasonable to say that RAPE can be considered a fetish?"

Solution/Opinion: "Clearly not! Considering that 'rape' itself is defined as an unwanted and unpleasant sexual act, how does one have a fetish for something such as this? If you look at it clearly, both of the definitions for 'fetish' and 'rape' differ from one another; 'rape is considered to be unwanted and pleasureless, while a fetish is full of pleasure and wanted badly. Therefore, only one of these definitions can exist; thus making it so that these words cannot go together."

Anyone else agree... or disagree?

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I actually think that rape should not be considered a fetish at all and rather considered natural. Sexuality is increased with increased polarity and involves both dominance and submission. Rape is the ultimate act of sexual dominance so it's natural that women are turned on by the thought to be dominated and men are turned on by the thought to be the dominator. Mind you, it's usually never real rape either men or women want, it's the roleplay and immersion both want. A better word would be "ravish", but rape is so close to ravish that it's not even funny, hahaha!
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Haha indeed. :3

My turn now.

Is it or is it not reasonable to ask everyone for help without even trying to do anything for yourself first?


I don't think that's reasonable at all. Your the one that needs to do whatever it is, so you should be making the most effort. However, if you know that it would take someone far less effort and you've already exausted yourself, then I think its alright...