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Started by finalholylight, November 27, 2013, 09:29:45 am

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November 27, 2013, 09:29:45 am Last Edit: November 28, 2013, 04:55:34 am by finalholylight
Advanced Move System Ultimate
Authors: Zeus81
Version: 1.3
Type: Custom Movement System
Key Term: Custom Movement System


I found in this system many awesome features, it's so convenient, so I post this :).

Many many features, because of my bad English ~.~ , I can only list some, more information please play demo :) (if can, someone have good English please edit my post for intelligibility xD)

  • Pixel movement,when walk, player auto avoid obstruction when impinge edge of it.
  • Fake 3D movement by create depth of map (all character smaller when go to the top of map - good for parallax mapping, like final fantasy 7,8,9).
  • Shadow for character and event.
  • Specific animation effect and sound effect when walk and jump for each terrain.
  • Caterpillar, when you're walking and follower block your way, he will auto avoid to give way for you go.
  • Create height and gravity on map,ex: you can drop from higher tile to lower tile, you can jump from tile with height 0 to tile with height 1, but cannot jump from 0 to 2 (can config power of jump for jump higher)


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Check in demo




Put all script above main.
More instructions read in demo, French language.
All config of map's depth, tile's height, terrain's effect are used in game by call script:
$scene = Scene_Map_Config.new


May not compatible with other scripts that write for custom movement system.

Credits and Thanks

  • Zeus81

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