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Started by R.A.V.S.O, December 03, 2013, 06:15:40 pm

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December 03, 2013, 06:15:40 pm Last Edit: December 03, 2013, 07:41:53 pm by R.A.V.S.O
as I keep on working on my project I realized, it's missing a battle theme, I mean I could have probably used another existing theme
but somehow I believe it would lose some essence, but my biggest issue was, I have little to no experience at all with music XD

so (luckily) a good friend of mine introduced me to FL studio and I began experimenting more and more with music instruments
(still very rudimentary), and eventually after quite some trial and error I managed to get the core of the battle theme... albeit rather crudely
yet still I liked the direction it was heading,

so here's how it first sounded, of course being one of my first tries it was missing a lot,
Still have ways to go, but it's a start: Soldier's Code (Chaotic ver.)(Beta)

so eventually I gave the theme to my friend and he decided to make some tweaks to the same battle theme, and it blew my mind,
let's just say it's like someone crafted a very blunt sword, then another person takes it, sharpens and polishes it and stabs you back with it XD

It's starting to shape up :): Soldier's Code remade by Elion (Still a beta)

Eventually I got introduced to the wonders of 8-bit on FL-Studio, and I eventually remade Soldier's Code on 8-Bit, I do plan on using it in-game
and all in all, I love the retro feel it induces on battles (especially when paired with weapons that use 8 bit animations on purpose.)

Now in 8-bit goodness: 8-Bit Soldier's Code (chaotic ver.)

and so far I'm using ver.2 as the battle theme at the moment, I figure I'd come back and re-do it once I learn to use FL-studio better,
I'm still rather new at this, so if anyone has any tips to spare, I'd greatly appreciate it ;)

On a sidenote if some of you wonder why it reads as (chaotic.ver) it's actually because I had a "Lawful version" of the battle theme planned
for when the balance counter was on the "good is winning" side, this chaotic version was supposed to play only when the counter is on the
"evil winning" side, but tbh I like the chaotic version so much I'm deciding to keep it as a standard theme.
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I really like it! :D I'm not a music critic, but it sounds great. I actually like things from both your original version and your friend's version - yours seems to flow a little more smoothly, but your friends has some really cool panning and drum effects.


This piece rocks so damn hard.  Do you have an original midi file of this? Or can you export to midi?


It was done on FL Studio, nut sure if I can even convert to MIDI, I can PM you the .flp file if you'd like.
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"Life is unfair, so make it unfair in your favor" -Sesilou


This would be an awesome track for a River City Ransom style game. Nice work, the track sounds great!
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