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Started by ForeverZer0, January 08, 2014, 08:46:25 am

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I wish I could do that... Unfortunately we developed a lot of custom scripts for the game and hacked around the existing ones. The code is sloppy, the development heavily plays with the limits of RPG XP, and porting is hazardous.

Well, I guess the best solution is to create a Windows Installer that installs the font along with the game... I'll give a go at NSIS.


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I have over 30000 lines of code compared to the standard 9000 lines. That's how many custom scripts I had when porting. It took me about 3 work days to do the port and most of it was fixing cutscene timing of music and minigames. And that was because I switched to 60 FPS, not so much because of XPA. Except for some very specific bitmap handling issues and some other minor bugs, it was relatively easy to do. Actually the majority of bugs were either in the new windowing system and with the tilemap implementation. So KK20 fixed the tilemap bugs and I fixed the window system bugs directly in XPA.

Of course, I'm a programmer. If you're not one, you'll likely have a harder time with porting to XPA. In either case it was very worth it for me. This is why I'm suggesting to at least give it a go. Make a backup of your project, switch to XPA and maybe do 1-2h of testing to see how it works. If you run into issues you think you can't solve, you can always just delete it and keep using your normal XP backup.

I tried getting NSIS to install the font myself as well, but it didn't work. I'm not saying that you should give up right away (I used v2.46), but be aware that this will likely not be the solution.
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If reverse engineering is permitted for some kind of refinement,this should be way simpler.

Similarily,functionalities such as disabling F12/10s hangup/alt+enter,background running,pausing the movieplay in VA,loading .so that requires native ruby func support,screenshot,... can all be achieved.
Some of these take nothing but one byte's hack.

With no source,the machine code level provides the most freedom.
Sadly though,this violates the EULA.

A lot of what I know about reverse engineering comes from the time when I had fun with RMXP,fixing this or that,digging.I just drifted from scripting ruby.

I'm Chinese so I have never posted here.And I don't really care about EULA for a long time.I don't make /publish games myself and people I helped did not seem that bothered.

I don't know.If it is acceptable,I'll share my way of doing this,detail it.Otherwise,well,thanks for hearing out.


I don't know why you specifically chose this thread to share it. But feel free to post a new topic under general discussion sharing what you found/know. Just put a disclaimer that it violates EULA and is just for knowledge-sharing purposes.

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