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Started by WhiteRose, February 14, 2014, 11:47:59 pm

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This RP aims to be fun, accessible, and fast-paced. I aim for at least one post a week, and hopefully more. For origins and further information, see the original thread.

This first post will be touched up as the story moves on.

Please excuse the bad formatting and bad drawing; I want to get things rolling as quickly as possible, even if it means that it isn't the prettiest.

It Begins

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The human settlement of Northhaven and the orcish tribal hunting ground of Nor'Org'Tok had long been situation on the opposite side of the Grandeon mountain range. Only rumors had passed over the mountains; aside from these mumblings on the whispered winds, neither establishment knew of the existence of the other... until six days ago, when the quake hit. Unexpectedly, the earth shook, and a new pass formed in the mountains, joining the two colonies. Taking time to repair the damage and to reorganize scattered families and supplies, neither group has yet explored the pass.

  • It is now Tuesday, according to the human calendaring system.
  • Elves are rumored to exist, but have never been seen.
  • The large city of Typhoon is located to the north; it is the cultural center of the civilized world. The peoples of Northhaven and Nor'Org'Tok are not very familiar with it, and only the occasional wanderer from either tribe has ever been there.
  • Local wildlife can be highly dangerous if not approached as a group.
  • Northhaven is located on the west side of the pass, and is situated near the Sparris Forest.
  • Nor'Org'Tok is located on the east side of the pass, and sits as an entryway to the Ho'Rak Plains.
  • I will be posting a map sooner or later to help clear up directions.

    Tonla and Karogg, feel free to post whenever you are ready. Drawings are optional but are always fun. As I left things intentionally loose at this first post, feel free to introduce additional characters and background to your respective groups and civilizations. I'll take over the role of NPCs in the next few posts, but I wanted to give you both the chance to establish your cultural background as you see fit.

    Have fun!


OOC: The drawing is fine and so is your post. Don't be so self-deprecating :P
Set at the base of Kore's Claw, a ring of three large, jagged, snowcapped mountains in the Grandeon mountain range, the Gorefist tribe of Orcs lived as peacefully as Orcs can for generations. The village, Nor'Org'Tok, has grown steadily over the years from growing families, slaves taken from other tribes, as well as tribes who had long ago abandoned their ancestral homes to join with the powerful Gorefist tribe. At the center of the village, lies the chief's longhouse where the village elders discuss the recent disaster.
Karogg sat rubbing his temples. For the past few hours, he had been subjected to what he thought was akin to torture. However, as one of the elders, he was obligated to be present at this meeting. Six days earlier, a massive earthquake ripped through the plains and tore a rift in the sacred Grandeon Mountains. Since then, the village had been in uproar. Many had seen this as a sign that the Gods were angry with the Gorefist tribe and more than a few took it as a sign of the apocalypse.

"Kore is displeased with us! We must go to war now, it is the only way to regain his favor!"

"And just who do you expect us to fight, Murg? The nearest tribe is more than two weeks march away. It's almost harvest season!"

"Shut up, Magg, you've always preferred to play gardener than fight, just like the Verdant Hands!"

"Don't you compare me to those elf lovers, unless you're prepared to back up your words, Kurok!"


At Chieftain Marogg's request, every orc in the longhouse immediately stopped talking and sat down. Karogg was grateful. This was the first moment of silence in more than an hour. He did not care for these political games that just devolved into name calling and threats. He had always been more of an orc of action. He suddenly realize his brother had been talking and snapped out of his reverie.

"...furthermore, we cannot simply leave the village when harvest season is so close. Karogg, you've been very quiet. What are your thoughts?"

Karogg swelled with pride internally. His brother often asked his advice, after all, he was only a few seasons older, but it was rare that he did it in front of the other villagers. Karogg stood and looked at all of the elders gathered. The list included Chieftain Marogg, Murg the village priest, Magg the head of the fields, Kurok the Slayer, who had killed a dire bear with nothing but his claw, and many others. He scowled to show his fangs before speaking, a gesture of his dominance to the other orcs.

"I think it is rather simple. We don't know what caused this rift or what is on the other side of it. I think we should send a group in to scout it out before making any other rash decisions."

Karogg retook his seat and took the thoughtful murmurs of the other elders as a sign that his plan was a good one. Marogg stood and just as Karogg had done, displayed his fangs before speaking.

"Your plan is good, brother. We will send a small team of our best warriors into the rift. Karogg, you will lead this group and you will decide who goes with you."


(I apologize for not being on top of this; I originally was going to wait a little while for Zexion to reply, and then just go ahead, but ended up being, like always, more busy than I thought. *sigh* It seems to always happen with my RPs. No wonder they never have that much interest. Hahaha. Thank you guys for at least always putting up with me. It's finals week this week, but I'm planning to get back to this once tests are over. Sorry again.)


It's fine rose, i haven't had a chance to draw either I spend my free time scripting and game making xD
My finals are in 2 weeks, so i will also have time after that :D