Mordor 3 Online & Single Player Version

Started by vxmordor, February 26, 2014, 03:09:03 pm

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Mordor 3 Online

The online version of Mordor 3 is under construction.  The server is running and may be available for testing as soon as Friday 2-28-2014.

For updated information you can visit the website

MORDOR 3 VX ACE (Available now)

VX ACE is the single player version of Mordor 3.  It uses an action combat
system (a slightly different one from the online version.  The design is
influenced by games from the past such as Wizardy or Might & Magic.

    Unlimited Stats, progression, skills & levels
    1,000's of Traps, Secrets & Hidden Rewards
    Overdrive & Charge Attacks
    Dungeons with depths far beyond other games
    Real Time Combat

All of the games skills are setup with hot keys.  You will never have
to bring up a menu to select a heal skill, debuff, or attack skill.


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