The Responsibility of Sapiance and the Search For Intelegence

Started by Ryex, April 11, 2014, 04:23:00 pm

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Sapience: Noun ~ The ability to think and reason abstractly about oneself
Sentience: Noun ~ The ability to feel, perceive, or to experience subjectivity

I think it is one of the greatest errors to ever come from science fiction that people generally don't know the difference between these definitions. they may be related but Sentience != Sapience as most of the world seems to think. 99.999% of animal life on planet earth is sentient (adjective form of Sentience) but Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Latin scientific name meaning  "Wise Wise Man") is the only surviving sapient species in known existence. It's no mistake that the words sapience and the species name for humans are so close, both have an almost direct definition of wisdom. Humanity has scientifically dubbed itself "the doubly wise man" and the connotations of this reach much further than indications an arrogance inherent to our race. It is my opinion that we, as a race, have a responsibility to live up to our self given name in our actions and lives. As the only Sapient life on planet earth we have an empirically unique ability to think beyond our own well being and above our sentient ability to react emotionally to outside stimuli. 

I'v said it before but my first assumption whenever I meet anyone is "I'm smarter then they are." This may be the peak of arrogance, it may be truth incarnate, either way I don't see how it matters outside my own psyche. Because, this mind set has two major side effects. One, the tendency to assume I can come up with a better idea than any one else (notice that I don't say all my idea are good one, that would be a complete misstatement as intelligence is not the inherit ability to always be smarter but the ability to more accurately determine what is stupid. )  And two, a confidence that any decision I make is a good one.

Again, I recognize that this is extremely arrogant of me. To dismiss others and their ideas because I assume mine are better is a grave fault of character. but at the same time it give me reason to chastise my self harshly with I fail or prove myself / am proven by others to be wrong. Thus I am always seeking to better myself so that such situation never occur. It is this search for ever greater Intelligence that I feel is the collective responsibility of the human race.

the Declaration of Independence that the US created at the start of it's revolutionary war said that "All men are created equal, and are endowed with certain inalienable rights." I disagree with the wording but not with the sentiment. All men (human the species not the gender just so some social justice warrior cant call me on it)  are created equal IN POTENTIAL, I would not say that we all reach that potential. And those inalienable rights? well our responsibility as a species come first. You may have the right to pursue your happiness even at the expense of others, but your responsibility as a "doubly wise man" charges you to ensure that your actions are good and intelligent ones that better your race as a whole.

I could write at great length to provide support for these opinions but I don't really have the time. what are your thoughts on the matter?
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While I won't enter the discussion directly, I want to point out that the arrogance thing is actually a side effect of us probably not transitioning completely into a higher state of consciousness. We will often say and do things only because our subconsciousness reacts to certain things in certain ways. While this is good, because our subconsciousness is supposed to protect us from "dangers" about which it learned over the years, it can also cause a lot of trouble. So our arrogance actually comes from our non-sapient ancestors, from a world where only the fittest survive. It's kind of ironic. If animals were sapient, they'd be arrogant as fuck.

Because of this I believe that one of our highest priorities should be understanding of oneself and one's subconsciousness and then altering it to better align it with our consciousness. 90% of the population goes through their everyday life, mostly interacting with the world only on an unconscious level even if there is no way anybody would admit that they are probably being mostly controlled by their emotions and subconsciousness (arrogance yet again, duh).

IMO our current state and huge conflict between consciousness and subconsciousness on a global scale makes no sense. I think that we are in the middle of a huge transition as a race to a higher state of consciousness, a better awareness of ourselves, the people around us and the world around us. I'm talking about a transition that is probably taking tenths of thousands of years, probably even more. And I'm not talking about some crazy multidimensional shit and transcendence. I am talking about that state of mind when you sit down for 15 minutes and try not to think about anything, that state of mind of higher consciousness and heightened awareness (where little things become apparent beyond the ego, even in yourself) becoming the standard level of consciousness for everyone. I think that this is really important, because at our current pace, we are basically driving ourself into our own destruction. We think short-term rather than long-term and this is something that non-sapient species do a lot. And see where it brought them? They live in a world where us humans, a bunch of arrogant assholes call all the shots, but not do anything really smarter than they themselves do.
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