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... You know what's the single most awful thing when you are successful? People who actually actively try to fuck you over, because they are not as successful (whatever their reasons are). How are you supposed to handle this shit? Can you just ignore them? Do you have to confront them? I understand that you can't be friends with everyone and that some people are just freaking damaged... But even though I do not care about what others think, it's not the same thing when one person thinks bullshit and when that one person actively tries to spread their bullshit around to fuck you over as much as they can and ruin everything you have worked for so hard. Has anybody else have had this kind of problem?
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Hmm well here's my thoughts on this...

I usually don't get into debates or arguments a lot, but when I do I tend to get pretty talkative, so forgive me for the wall of text, here's a spoiler
to ease the load.
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It's true, no matter who or what you are, no matter how pleasant of a person you might be, it's impossible to please everyone you meet, someone out there
plain despises you for what you are or may be, but that's pretty natural, think of it as an individual antithesis of your own being,

most of the time that anti-person of yours is such an opposite half that you'd probably never meet, but woe be the day should you have to cross paths with
such person on a daily basis be it because of academic or job purposes.

now then, a successful person, has eyes on them, therefore many potential rivals. and since everything you do can be used against you if handled poorly
you are basically in the middle of a social minefield, but fear not, the keyword here is "subtlety"

first of all, classify your threats, those who can potentially screw you over are your top priority,

people who are against you come in many flavors so to speak, ignore those who oppose you individually (people who clearly don't like you but also don't get in your way)
it's near-impossible (and a complete waste of time if you ask me) to convince them or change their views on you, and therefore you should disregard them as much as
they disregard you.

Moving on, every now and then someone out there who clearly doesn't like you but is AGAINST you, now THIS is where, subtlety comes to play...

such person will throw bullshit at you, true, but it starts getting dangerous when people around you begin to take such bullshit seriously, you have to confront these
persons, but not in a direct approach, should you attempt to directly approach against that person, you'd only be reinforcing his own BS seeing as this got a negative
response out of, which of course society will take as a sign of frustration,
but there is a silver lining to this as well, you see society, the people surrounding you and him is actually a double edged weapon, both you and him can use it against each
other if you know what to do.

in order to confront these kinds of people, who spread BS all around you, you HAVE to make them lose all form of credibility, turn society against them just as they attempted
to turn it against you,
now you'd probably think "But wait a minute RAV! I'd be stepping as low as that other guy is!" well, WRONG, and here's why, YOU HAVE FACTS ON YOUR SIDE!

after all, that person is going against you by spreading bullshit. bullshit so craftily elaborated that it might seem credible, but still no match for cold hard FACTS.
besides, as stated previously you were a successful person, a success that comes from facts that when put to the test, will easily make the previously mentioned
bullshit easily detected by the crowds.

now here is where the fun begins, now that people begin to question the credibility of your opponent it's YOUR turn to go on the offensive, ask key questions to the
public, about why they were lied about, what is it that such person is desperately trying to prove so bad that it had to resort into using crudely made (false) facts.
doing this will make the crowd do the hard work of cracking your opponent's psyche like an egg. swift and mercilessly

now your cornered opponent has 2 options,

a ) throw more bullshit around, which will probably be taken less seriously now, if this were to happen, just counter it with more facts and let the cycle repeat itself
until your opponent loses all credibility or decides this was a terrible mistake on their part.

b ) freak out and rage, and just like the internet, the first to rage, loses all credibility, after all, if society sees someone throwing a tantrum at someone just because
he or she dislikes how another person got successful or is running things will probably NOT be taken seriously,

and an opponent who cannot be taken seriously is no longer a threat to you,

What was my point here?

there should be (at least in my opinion) zero tolerance to a person who is actively trying to screw you over simply because of what you
have rightfully achieved by yourself, be it attacking you by ethical or unethical methods, this is still unacceptable and should be confronted as subtly yet firmly as possible.
professionalism is not a joke and neither should confronting your adversaries.

the people who surround you play a major role here, and although it's true you cannot please anyone, having the majority of them on your side
is what makes a difference.

anyways that's my opinion on the issue, take this with a grain of salt should you need to.

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Hm, I have definitely had this problem, and I have quite a different approach.  Basically I just lose interest in anything to do with that person.  Whatever shenanigans they try to pull to get a reaction out of me, I react as little as possible, and shift my plans as necessary, and keep interaction with this person to a minimum.  In my situation, this worked because I knew from past experience that the other person thrived on confrontation, and was likely actively seeking an argument.  However, despite this approach "working" in that I avoided a number of pitfalls and traps, the situation never really improved.


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Hm, maybe I should elaborate the entire situation a bit more. I don't actually even have direct contact with that person. Basically it's somebody who holds a grudge against my inner circle of friends and has possibly started spreading shit around. One of my friends was confronted last night by a person about that shit and he pulled things off nicely. The context is not so important since it can apply basically to any kind of situation, but as far as I concluded, the best way to handle it is to completely discredit that BS by:

1. Confronting things in a logical way when the BS goes around. e.g. Somebody asks me about it and I say "Well... There are people around who are not as successful as I am and they don't like the fact that I am successful. Now, they aren't successful, because they are trying, but failing. No, they are successful, because they are fucking lazy. And so they decide to try to fuck me over and drag me down to their level by spreading bullshit. You can either believe these lies or you can actually talk to me and make up your own mind about how true this shit really is." But I don't like this solution so much, because I am giving the BS too much credit.

2. Or making it ridiculous, blowing it out of proportion. By displaying so little reaction and turning it into a joke in itself, it should lose maximum credibility. Basically if somebody tells me "Blablabla, I heard you do/did this and that." and I reply "Lolwut? Ahahahahaha, where the fuck did you hear that? Man, I haven't heard something so sad in years. You probably also heard that I eat little babies and give kittens AIDS or something like that." This somehow feels like the best way to approach the problem. The BS is so much out there that I don't even consider the possibility of it actually being true.
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Quote from: winkioI do not speak to bricks, either as individuals or in wall form.

Quote from: Barney StinsonWhen I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.