Yet another concept battle theme.

Started by R.A.V.S.O, May 02, 2014, 08:27:37 pm

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This time it's a dueling theme, usually will be heard on the battle arena when 1 vs 1 battles are selected,
this also plays if only one player is left standing during a decisive team arena match.

D-Soldier Duel (WIP)

I'm still quite new when it comes to FL studio and I dunno if I should keep it strictly on drums or try to add an instrument or 2 along the way,
I'll keep on posting updates as this carries on.
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I have a feeling this will get better.

It already captured the dark tone of an arena with drums.

Maybe make the percussion's tempo gradually get faster as it goes along.


I like it. Great rhythm. Two things: 1. Try and get that rhythm to loop, well. By that I mean find a good way to tie the faster rhythm back into the slow one so that it sounds intelligible.
2. I'd really like to hear the music that would go with it. If you can give me a thematic idea(like desert, dramatic, port town, ect) I can try and mess with it too.

But yeah, that rhythm is very battle-like indeed.
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