Vault Recruitment Thread

Started by winkio, May 30, 2014, 12:38:01 am

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Vault Recruitment Thread

The project thread is here:,14190.0.html

Development Details

  • Development will be in C# with XNA.

  • There will be a summer push for a prototype, optional refinement during fall and winter, and a kickstarter campaign launched in the spring for an additional year of development.

  • The game concept is pretty flexible, so there is plenty of room for creativity with mechanics, art, sound, etc.

  • Anyone with the drive and the skills to contribute will be allowed on the team.  Anyone who gets in the way or becomes a problem will be removed from the team.

  • All work contributed to the project may not be revoked.  For example, if you make some character graphics and then decide to leave the team, the graphics you made will still be used in the game

  • All contributors will be credited for their specific roles, even if they leave the team

Roles (people can fill more than one role)

  • Programmer

  • Artist

  • Voice Actor

  • Sound Designer

How to Apply
Make a post in this thread with the following:

  • What roles you will fill

  • What skills you have relevant to the above roles

  • How you specifically will contribute.  Go into detail.  "I will make character sprites" is not enough.  Instead, something like "I will make some wild looking enemy sprites, like a pirate duck (complete with eyepatch and pirate hat), or a panda bear wielding some bamboo as a staff.  I also have some ideas on animating background terrain, which I will get a chance to play with in the actual game engine."

  • Your Skype name.  Skype is required, because it is much easier to brainstorm and communicate with voice calls.  If you don't want to post it publicly, you can pm it to me (tell me you have done so in your post).


Have you actually considered maybe using Unity instead of C# + XNA? You can still use C# for scripting within Unity, but Unity is a full-fledged engine compared to XNA which is just a framework.
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Roles: Programmer
What skills you have relevant to the above roles: I've been programming since 1.5 years (maybe almost 2 years) have been trought many languages tought never went to advanced on them(C,C#,HTML,Ruby, and a bit of PHP) the most advanced i went was C that i worked with pointers and structures managing an array that was not fixed in space (i could remove,add and manage any entry of the array without consuming much more memory that it was necessary), I'm trying to advance more in C# now working with the Graphics part of tough i'm not really experienced and I'm here to get more experience aswell.
How you specifically will contribute: I'm willing to do what the team needs me to and what needs to be done. In general i'll work as a regular programmer in the team.
Your Skype name: I can send you via PM if i get selected to participate in the team


@Blizz: The only thing that I could see maybe being useful from Unity is collision handling.  Everything else, including rendering, animation, physics, etc., would have to be tweaked so much that I don't think it's really worth it.  Plus, using XNA, I can make the procedural generation stuff an actual library that can be used in other games and in non gaming projects, which is more or less the secondary purpose of this project.

@soulshaker: welcome to the team :D  PM me your skype, and I'll start setting up SVN access