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Started by PhoenixFire, July 03, 2014, 03:12:38 pm

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RPG Maker XP-Ace
Support Site

As many of you already know, a support website is in the works for the RMXP-Ace project. The site is "live" at the moment, though still under construction. You are able to register and post though, which allows you to report problems through the forums. We will eventually have a ticket system in place that allows more elaborate reporting, but at the moment, that's in the works. If you are interested in scripting for the project, let me know as well!

So, what's the point of the site? Good question! The site has been born out of a necessity for a support site, after the inevitable collapse of the original site; it died an unfortunate digital death due to lack of funds it appears, and the original creator has not been heard from in quite some time. However, like all good products, it has survived and been given interest by the XP community. The site will feature a bug tracker/ticket system that allows for you to report scripts. There will also be a knowledge-base/wiki that is created around these script fixes. In addition to fixing scripts, my goal is to also take common/popular scripts that add value to the game, and, are not specific to just one design of a game, and add them to this project as an officially supported module.

The site's secondary purpose is to provide tutorials and documentation for putting the kit together yourself, if for some reason you choose to do so. This will only guide you through setting up and troubleshooting a basic copy of XP Ace however, and will not provide any of the other scripts that the development package has in it.

You can get to the site here: RPG Maker XP Ace website

This thread will also serve the purpose of letting you all know when the site is down, when it'll be up, etc.; quite an improvement over trying to notify everyone via the shoutbox here
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That's neat :0 especially when i just started to use ACE instead of XP. Ill Check in out!