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VX Ace Wecoc Features
Authors: Wecoc
Version: 1.1
Type: Add-on Collection
Key Term: Add-on Collection


I did a pack of little scripts and I'm glad to share it to you.
It gets on RPG maker XP some functions from RPG maker VX Ace, that's why it's called VX Ace Wecoc Features (ACE WF)

The pack contains 34 individual scripts and some Scene edits. You can use any of the scripts separately except the Scene ones.
All the scripts are catalogued in the same way; with a number, a short name, its requirements, the known incompatibilities, the author and a description of usage.

Every little script includes at least an specific global inside module ACE_WF. That global is not used in the script, but in others to identify if the script is being used so please DON'T REMOVE IT.


  • 001 Alias - Allows to add an alias for a character.

  • 002 Description  - Allows to add a description for an actor, class, state, enemy or map.

  • 003 Learnings - Allows to have a better control of the learnings (easily add or remove them).

  • 004 Element Rate - Changes element rate configuration.

  • 005 State Rate - Changes state rate configuration.

  • 006 Enconter Rate - Adds a new variable to actor, item, weapon, armor or state which will alter the rate of encounters.

  • 007 Victory Rates - Adds some new variables to actors, items, weapons, armors and states which affect on some battle victory features.

  • 008 Multi-drop - Changes the victory window so if there's any repeated item, it will be shown only once with a multiplicator.

  • 009 Battler States - With this script plus_state_set and minus_state_set are also modificable by actor, enemy and armors.

  • 010 Pretty Numbers - Before big numbers were written "1000000000" and now "1,000,000,000".

  • 011 Escape Rate - Adds a new variable to actor, item, weapon, armor, state or enemy which affects on the probability to escape a battle.

  • 012 Item Type - Assigns different types of items, and also special items.

  • 013 Skill Type - Assigns different types of skills.

  • 014 Weapon Type - Assigns different types of weapons.

  • 015 Armor Type - Assigns different types of each kind of armor.

  • 016 Equip Optimize - Allows to directly optimize the equipment of an actor.

  • 017 Notes - Adds the option to add notes to actor, class, enemy, state, item, skill, weapon and armor. This notes are evaluated via script.

  • 018 Windowskin Colors - Allows to obtain colors from a windowskin and set them as a font color, so every windowskin has its specific colors.

  • 019 Formulas - This script gives the option of assigning damage formulas to actors, enemies and skills.

  • 020 Message Codes - Very simple Message System with some of the Ace's message codes.

  • 021 Resistence State - An actor or an enemy can be totally resistant to a state.

  • 022 Die Effect - Allows to select the die 'collapse' effect of an actor or enemy.

  • 023 Exp curve - The default XP experience curve is generated using 2 values. With this script you can create it with 2 extra values ("acc").

  • 024 Battle Scope - Adds new 'random' scope options to items and skills.

  • 025 Effect Edits - Adds new damage options for items and skills.

  • 026 Strategy - Adds two new types of target strategy for enemies, to the strongest and to the weakest.

  • 027 Step State - A state can be removed after a certain number of footsteps.

  • 028 Showing Name - Assigns a new map name to be displayed in windows instead of the default name.

  • 029 Choice Window - Changes the way choices are shown, displaying them in a separete window.

  • 030 Scroll Text - Allows to add a message box that scrolls up.

  • 031 Draw Character - Allows applying other features when you draw a character.

  • 032 Scene Calling - The same as menu_calling and save_calling but for any scene.

  • 033 Screen Color - Allows to change the Screen Color in the same way than Screen Tone.

  • 034 Screen Brightness - Allows to change the Screen Brightness.


Spoiler: ShowHide


ACE WF 1.1.zip


Inside the demo and each script.


I tested with some engines, here's an approximate percentage of compatibility with them:

Drago Core Engine - 100%
Blizz-Abs - 90%
Tons of AddOns - 90%
SDK 1.x - 90%
SDK 2.x - 70%

Credits and Thanks

  • Wecoc

Author's Notes

You can contribute to make it better!


I'ma just take that scrolling message box and run :P


September 23, 2014, 11:23:26 am #2 Last Edit: September 23, 2014, 11:45:41 am by syldocaine
With the multiple treasures some items don't drop although there is a 100% chance and after fighting the same enemy multiple times the windows appears at a different place and some items drop twice.


(not sure if you still really care about this but...)

Battle Scope has bugged logic.
See thread: https://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php/topic,15960.msg196902.html#msg196902

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