[XP] Battle by Layers

Started by Wecoc, September 14, 2014, 12:25:37 pm

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Battle by Layers
Version: 1.0
Type: Boss Battle Engine


This engine simulates an absolutely picture-based boss battle in map. It's a base with which you could do many other things.


  • Default damage display.
  • New support for pictures: animation display, collapse...


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Battle by Layers.zip


It requires all these to work:
- 2 switches --> "Battle" to activate the engine and "Dead" when the hero or the enemy are dead (end of the demo)
- 5 variables --> Basically for damage calculation and HP.
- 14 pictures --> Background (1) , Enemy (3), Terrain (1) and Actor (9)
- 1 script --> New support for pictures. Place over main and under the other scripts. It's compatible with most scripts.
- 2 common events --> hero damage and enemy damage
- 5 map events --> everything else

The script doesn't have configuration changes, all the configuration is inside the engine.

Credits and Thanks

  • Wecoc

Author's Notes

Difficulty: Medium / High


can you setup this with blizz abs? i cant work our picture battles