Massive Multiplayer Amazingness.

Started by Tazero, October 10, 2014, 01:18:28 pm

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Hey, Whats up guys? I've recently been playing a few different MMO's other than my main MMO (Mabinogi).

as of late I've been enjoying Elsword, I was curious as to what kinda of MMO's you guys like? I suppose I'll start with a few.
Elsword - Super fun, sorta like an oldschool arcade beatem up!

Mabinogi - Basically SAO.

If you were a fish...


Ultima online, has been my favorite game for years. Other then that, i enjoyed World Of warcraft for awhile.
I've not tried any "Anime" rpg. if that is what they call them? other then eden eternal and dragons nest.

Both pretty fun in my opinion. though they didn't hold my interest very long.
Star wars the old republic was a good game for the first week or two, The game claims free to play. but constantly makes you feel a need to subscribe,
and spend money on the cash shop.