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Started by Tazero, November 22, 2014, 11:06:11 pm

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So my Wi-Fi likes to shut off randomly and say that the Default Gateway is not available (Trouble Shooter fixes this) but its still annoying to be disconnected every so often. I was wondering if theres a fix or if I should roll back my PC (Since this is a relatively new issue) .-.

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I've had this problem like since windows 7, and i have not figured out a fix :[


I've always had this problem with cheap routers that were less than $50. I dunno what kind of routers you guys have, but the ones we had couldn't handle the ton of devices that would try to connect to it. I've since upgraded to dual-band routers and have never had the problem anymore.


I can confirm the same thing. When I used to have a shitty router, it would sometimes cause that problem and also give me a "limited connectivity" error message. Sometimes even restarting the router and the PC wouldn't help. Now this happens once in 3 months and a quick router restart fixes it.
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It's strange because theres maybe 3 devices connected to the router, and I have a secondary dual band router that gave the same issue.

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