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Started by winkio, November 26, 2014, 12:47:05 am

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November 26, 2014, 12:47:05 am Last Edit: November 26, 2014, 01:41:22 am by winkio
I'm thinking about buying Guild Wars 2.  I played the first one and enjoyed it, and I just watched a detailed video review of GW2 and it looks pretty good.  Does anyone here play it?


I play it since April 2013, and the game itself is very good, altough it can be very complicated in the first few weeks. I recommend buying it, it is by far the best MMO i've ever played, but I usually get pretty bored when playing MMO's alone.
With the map completition system and daily/monthly quests you can fill most of the time when playing it. 10/10 would play again, if someone of CP joined me


I'm a big fan of MMOs as most of you have heard.
I got GW2 a bit after its release. I was really fun. I was addicted for a bit.
The PVE questing was fun and interesting. the controls are responsive and animations are good. Great music.
The environment is beautiful and having dynamic events was pretty cool.. but after you figure out how they work its dispelled and kinda lame.
The character customization was better than Warcraft but hardly more than RIFT. but still pretty good over all. nothing compared to Phantasy star, AION, Final Fantasy 14 or any other asian MMO.

Dungeons were chaos. originally there was no queue instances but they added it now. even with the queue i find people come and go and abandon groups suddenly..charge in and run ahead and get killed by traps in the dungeon and wait for you to come and help them. they eventually completely die (as there are 2 stages to death, incapacitated, and fully dead)
then they have to run back to the group..often pulling a mob that was missed or getting stuck on traps and bitching at you like its your fault.
also if your new to a dungeon and ask them about it...they ignore you. generally in my exp.

The two stage death thing was a cool idea but i felt its more annoying than useful. especially in PVP.
i explained why for the PVE some trouble. the pvp is a problem because you have to jab them with a flag to down them or kill them all over again while they lay kinda incapacitated.
during the incapacitation if you kill someone your in combat with you resurrect.. so some classes who have a better spread seem to never die lol.
some classes have ranged AOE. as well as there are some odd imbalances in pvp. tho over all i find it enjoyable.

They advertised the game is an amazing experience that was never the same. I felt this wasn't true. to be fair i never maxed out any chars. but i got a lot into the 30s or 40s. and each character tho i intentionally made different choices ended up being the same quasi linear story.

in short my thoughts:
1. I think the game is worth it for the PvE quest lines. It's really enjoyable.
2. PvP is fun tho at times infuriating.
3. dungeons are troublesome. i found them the least satisfactory of all things in the game

Id recommend the game
I hope my comments help. anything else feel free to ask :P


I bought it, downloading now.  If anyone else is thinking about it, it's half off ($20 instead of $40) for the next two weeks.

@soulshaker: I'd be up for playing with you, but timezones might make it tough.


Are any of the perks for the Deluxe edition worth it?


What time zones are you guys in?


GMT +0
@winkio there are always weekends some hours may be free


Well, this is a disappointment.  I put in a good chunk of time to get past the starter areas, and still wasn't really having any fun.  Combat is a chore compared to how it worked in GW1 (the original guild wars), and gets very repetitive very quickly.  The vistas, quests, and other events sounded really cool at first, but I quickly found out that every map is oversaturated with them, which turns literally everything you do into a grind fest.  Additionally, all the quests I experienced took place in a very small area, and did not send you exploring to find a new area.  Another big let down was the lack of player cooperation/interaction.  Sure, people would revive each other and fight on the same side in battles, but there was no strategy or planning, and nobody even bothered buffing or healing their allies.  Instead, I watched anywhere from five to twenty players beat up on the same NPC mobs, and then go their separate ways.

Anyways, I ended up returning the game, so the only real loss is a little bit of my time.


I have GW2, are there different servers for EU and US?


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Now that you talk about it, I think so but I can't confirm

Edit: Just confirmed, yes there are but you can guest US/EU servers
Edit 2 : Also winkio you never tried out the most fun elements of the game: the World vs World map, boss trains, dungeons, jumping puzzles, I felt the same way when I bought the game all my hype getting destryed but after a couple of time and understanding the game better it gets way better and when not playing alone even more


You may be right, but I'm not really interested in spending more time than I already did just to get into the good part of a game.


Quote from: Kiwa on November 26, 2014, 09:29:58 am
also if your new to a dungeon and ask them about it...they ignore you. generally in my exp.

Yeah. I found the people in GW2 to not be so friendly.
The game was a grind but it had a way to take your mind off of it like the dynamic events that ended up being not so dynamic.
and as i said after its dispelled its kinda lame.
Quests were cool cuz i didn't have to go accept it. the zone triggered it. but it suffered from the cliche of ..go collect 10 sticks.. kill 10 bees, get me 3 duck eggs..or just kill shit. on occasion it had something interesting.

The jumping puzzles you experienced, I'm sure. VISTAs and such often require small jumping puzzles. but if you didn't like what you saw so far.. its not for you.

It's a bit sad you quickly didn't like it. its definitely a good game. but i can see how you feel.
you can try out archeage if you like the kinda old style. its free and pretty cool.
there are navy battles and housing areas which is new but overall the game felt kinda not so different from the cliche MMO.

I'd still recommend WoW. Its questing has evolved. it feels great..but im a bias fan boy. so yeah...


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What servers do you guys play on?
I'm playing on EU - Far Shiverpeels
UserID if you wanna add: markhest.2170


I Just logged in the other day and got 1 shot by everything in pvp..its way worse than it was before.
perhaps structured pvp had some changes and specs changed?

I'll need to puts around with it for a bit.

I'm not sure what server i'm on but i'm pretty sure is US.
can we cross friend from US to EU?


Quote from: Kiwa on December 03, 2014, 01:09:23 am
can we cross friend from US to EU?

Yes you can guest them


Hey Mark. I added you on my list in guild wars 2. If I see you on when I play I'll message you. I don't play often tho lol. Hope to see you on.