Fantasy I - The God Sword How to Complete all Bosses Tutorial

Started by Shadecat, February 08, 2015, 02:23:31 pm

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First Boss - Evil King: 300 Health - Special None: Give The First Boss 50 Damage.
Second Boss - Evil Ice King: 650 Health - Special Mass Ice: Give The Second Boss a lot of Damage.
Third Boss - Evil Water King: Health 1000 - Special Mass Water: Give the Third Boss 400 Damage.
Fourth Boss - Evil Earth King: Health 1500 - Special Mass Earth: Give the Fourth Boss 500 Damage.
Fifth Boss - Evil Fire King: Health 3000 - Special Mass Fire: Give the Fifth Boss 600 Damage.
Sixth Boss - Evil Wind King: Health 5000 - Special Mass Wind: Give the Sixth Boss 700 Damage.
Seventh Boss - Evil Thunder Shield: Health 100 - Special Greater Thunder: Give the Seventh Boss 50 Damage.
Eighth Boss - Chapter Foe's: all 7 Bosses - Special all Foe's: Give the Eighth Boss a lot of Damage.
Ninth Boss - King Wizard: Health 8000 - Special Weak and Mass Sleep: Give the Ninth Boss a lot of Damage.
Tenth Boss - Queen Shadecat: Health 9999 - Special all Elements: Give the Ninth Boss a lot of Damage.
Kill all 10 Bosses of FI-TGS.

Our First Tutorial: *LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN*

Our Third Tutorial: *LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN*
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