I want to rp

Started by Vell, February 15, 2015, 11:56:03 am

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Hi guys.

I wanna run an rp.

I can afford to poke in once or twice a week to make this happen. Possibly more often, even!



I think you should just start it and see what happens. It's been a bit slow here recently, but I don't have the feeling that members aren't visiting, I'm only having the feeling that they're not posting much.
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Yeah I've noticed that, about the not posting much. Place feels like it's been slow, but that's alright.

/o/ I popped in again! I need to ideas, anyway, so I'm more just asking if there's interest before I go ham on the ideasing.


Ham? Like this ham?
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If yes I'm in for it


I suppose I could try to participate in something like this; I really wish WhiteRose had continued the one she started..
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