need Side scroller sprite parts, please help.

Started by DarkHeart85, March 07, 2015, 10:14:34 pm

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i need a few side scroller sprite parts i'd build them myself but i don't have a means of scanning and i don't have a pin point stylus for my touch screen.
i only want parts not fully built sprites i can animate them myself using spriter pro.
i prefer grey with black outline, i'll also be coloring them myself.
if you make them i would like shojo [female] and shonen [male] style rangers, slayers [aka demon hunter], and witch [or magical girl]
i'll also need the parts to be "nude" and i'd also like to have different cloths for them as well. [aka different style cloths]
keep in mind i'm in a time crunch so please help as quick as possible without sacrificing quality
warning: Don't visit my site if H-games or their developers offend you, this game and site is intended for those 18+.
Currently still recruiting for project,
if interested visit my site below.