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Started by R.A.V.S.O, June 07, 2015, 12:48:20 am

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Should the current difficulty milestones and name be changed?

Yes, Change both!
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Yes, But only change the milestones!
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Yes, But only change the names!
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No, Both of them are fine as they are.
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Congrats dude, seems like everyone's making progresses in their game design carrers and I'm here like :V: , still I do agree that stability and performance are a key point when comparing games in a competition like thise, I'd say even more than "innovation" and as you could see the juris agree with me (or I agree with them).

I also agree on the stream system, I'd say a stream would break down, when missing a shot, when a piece of barrier is lost and when you fire a wrong shot.


Sorry for these delayed updates but college atm is pulling cheap shots whenever it can when it comes to surprise tests or
some other urgent crap,

anyways, update time!

for today's update: the (not yet completed) combo system.

similar to that of DDR/Stempania etc, the combo system works on how many walls you can successfully
shoot off without losing any pieces of your barrier, missing a shot, or detonating your bomb (this last one was done on purpose.)

the combo system is based on 4 tiers,

TIER 0 = Combos 5 to 99, rewards a x1.5 multiplier when the combo ends.
(as seen on the pic above)

TIER 1 = Combos 100 to 199, rewards a x2 multiplier when the combo ends.

TIER 2 = Combos 200 to 299, rewards a x4 multiplier when the combo ends.

TIER 3 = Combos 300 and onward, rewards a x8 multiplier when the combo ends.
(sadly I don't have a pic for this one, the only one time I managed to reach this was
on a non-recorded playthrough and forgot to printscreen it.)

when a player has started successfully a combo, it can have 3 outcomes,

missing a shot: combo instantly ends, score is multiplied by tier, with no additional consequences.

getting a piece of your barrier eliminated (aka BREAK!): combo instantly ends, score is multiplied by tier,
then gets a 0.5 penalty, cutting the potential score in half, (personally I find this rather nerve wracking on
high difficulties, but then again this is more of a high risk, high reward deal.)

images: I had to slow down some gameplay to get a proper shot of this:
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and finally, using a bomb: combo ends instantly, score is multiplied by tier, then gets a final x2 multiplier added
to it, while it's not a significant boost on lower combo tiers, using a bomb on a higher tier grants far better
results, however be advised that by the moment you have a steady tier 2-3 combo you're most likely
on a difficulty where having a spare bomb might be useful for survival.
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