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Started by MarkHest, September 27, 2015, 08:57:38 am

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Hey, I just thought I'd post two of my one-day projects I've made using Unity. They've both taken me just a couple of hours to make so it's just for fun. Enjoy for those of you who try it.

Cube Jumping Game:
(Music is made using vocal sounds only)

Twin Obstacle Course:
(High score based game)


 Cube Jumping has impressive beautiful sounds! Great job, you really nailed it!


@Moshan: Thanks for commenting on the music, I had a lot of fun making it ;) I've never done anything like it before so it was a new experience

My record in Twin Obstacle course is 900. I guess I could get a lot more but the game gets boring fast :P
If anyone tries Twin Obstacle Course I want you to post your high score for fun :D


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Good game, blizz :)
I beat it with 1 total death death (it was on the last boss) and score 43150
Good design, it was really easy to figure out how the enemies moved and their shooting pattern, good for fast reaction in a space shooter. I play bullet-hell games every now and then so I memorize these things pretty fast. It was fun to mix RPG Maker's square movement patterns and the pixel movement one.

I like that you added music from Lexima Legends ;)