Lego Metaphor

Started by winkio, October 04, 2015, 01:44:54 am

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Every experience you have is a lego brick. 
You can build off your own bricks, or off those of others. 
Your life is just a substructure of your community, which is in turn a substructure of humanity as a whole. 
Humanity is building something huge, nobody has any idea what or why, but we each get to contribute our own little substructure, starting on the brick from which we were born, and connecting with everyone we meet, with every author we read, with every singer we hear. 
The more bricks we have, the more ornate our architectures can become. 
Everyone just wants to get the blocks they need to build the structure they want.

What do you want your structure to look like?
How do you want it to connect to others?
How do you want it to fit into the structure of your community?
How do you want it to fit into the structure of humanity?

I got some really good mental imagery when I thought about this, I think it works pretty well as a way to visualize the abstractness of life in a very concrete and familiar way.