[XP] The Legend of Terra (Updated 3/7/2019)

Started by Terra420, December 12, 2015, 07:09:24 pm

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December 12, 2015, 07:09:24 pm Last Edit: March 07, 2019, 07:30:40 pm by Terra420

New update as of 3/7/2019 version 2.5 I believe. I've added portraits for all the main characters. The game is almost finished at this point except for the ending, conversations, and some more graphics stuff. Everything should work and there should be no bugs left. Total play time should be between 5-20 hours depending on how you play. Please check it out if you get the chance, and leave your thoughts. Enjoy! (The game starts in full screen, but if you want to play in windowed mode you can press Alt+Enter to switch.)

-Embark on a true RPG adventure!
-Buy, upgrade, and manage up to 5 different houses!
-Fight over 15 different bosses!
-Use certain save crystals to teleport to other areas!
-Obtain all 4 ultimate weapons!

The World:
(Contains area spoilers.)
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World Monsters:
"Long ago, a portal between our world, and a land called the Dark Rift opened, and from it came a flood
of monsters, and demons... It is said to be the home of a very powerful demon, and no one has ever
been able to go there since that time. It was sealed forever by a great hero, but the monsters remain."

World Politics:
"During the first age, men built two great cities, one was the Imperial City, of the Southern Continent. The
other was Capital City, of the Northern Continent. Ruled over by the two greatest kings, these cities
thrived, and flourished while the smaller towns, and villages suffered because of the politics that these two
cities had created... The kings would issue trades between the two cities but not with the other towns, and villages."

World Magics:
"When the monsters, and demons invaded our land, there where many who resisted, and even some
who started dabbling in the art of alchemy. Not long after, mages started appearing... It's not known how
these mages truly came to be, but it's thought that they extracted the powers from the monsters, and demons themselves..."

-The end of the game. (Almost done!)
-Additional conversations for npcs. (Done)
-More lore and story. (Still in progress.)
-More scripts and lighting effects. (Mostly done.)

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- Dervvulfman (Meagan's Particles)
- Ccoa, Agckuu Coceg, ForeverZer0 (M.A.W.S)
- ParaDog (Tiled Windowskin)
- Steel Beast 6Beets (Additional scripts)
- isaacsol (Full Screen script)
- Punk (Damage Text Revamp 2.1)
- Reno-s--Joker (Battle Command Window with Icons)
- Blizzard (Stormtronics CMS)
- RPG Advocate (Advanced Shop Status Window)
- Drago (Translucent Menu)

New Download Link: V2.5


I can`t download he game.Just came to Filedropper sign in /upload.
Can you upload it somewhere else?
Seems to be a interesting game.


Hey, sorry the link was broken, I re-uploaded on a different site so you should be able to download it now.

Download Link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=09794192627117939785

Also when you start the game the font (Nyala) may not be visible if you don't have it installed, (I was using windows vista at the time) if so you'll have to go to options after the game starts and change the font.


This looks great! I wanted to ask Terra do you use rpg maker Vx ace also? I love your mapping


I used to use VX a couple years ago before I started this project. It does have a certain old school charm. I am definitely familiar with it. If only I still had the screenshots from that game, I had some nice VX maps. I always used the basic RTP with custom lighting effects. Personally I prefer XP's realistic graphics much more though.


Good to know, I'm using XP style graphics using Vx ace which is very possible as I use 2 layers and events for odd bits. I'm looking for a great mapper to help me with mapping a zone. I recently reached 100 maps. Are you on Skype or discord?


It's been a few years, but I finally got around to uploading a new version. Check it out please, and give me some feedback!


Even using only RTP you made a good game, the maps are very well done.