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Started by Dark_Kyu09, December 09, 2015, 07:36:10 pm

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I hope I'm posting at the right place.

I do need some help. You see, I'm having big trouble trying to get more and more people to try out my game project. Sadly, not many people get to try out the game, both in Youtube and the forums I've been at. I was hoping to get some tips in how to promote the game, as in getting more and more guys to try it out.

Can anyone at least give me a few tips?
Thank you for your time :)
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We are in an era where the market is saturated with indie games, many of which are terrible.  A large part of this is thanks to the low restrictions put on mobile and steam marketplaces.

So anyways, games are so common that people will not just try any game they can get their hands on.  They need to think that the game looks fun to play. 

I think the best way to get people playing would be to make a trailer video of a bunch of segments of raw gameplay stitched together.  Go light on the effects and the dramatic flair, and give people an honest look at what the game is like.  If the parts of the game that you show look fun, people will play on their own.  If not, then they won't, and maybe that shows that you have a bigger problem (which is that your game is not actually interesting compared to the masses of other games out there). 


Recently we've experimented with some methods and without money, you won't probably get far. Youtubers seem to be a great way to market your game. It seems they are much better than advertising through Google or Facebook.
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