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Started by computerwizoo7, August 09, 2008, 09:58:38 am

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Thanks for the translate Jackolas.
so when do you want this title screen?(I should really put that in the request form)
it might take a while for me to start working on it because i am quite busy with a few other stuff at the moment so let me know when you need it and i can squeeze your request in, ok.


Take your Time :)
If it can be in the following two months Perfect( Becouse i Start this project two weeks ago, it will take me some months in finish it)

Srry for bad English :^_^':



I love the Logo's that you've made. And to tell you the truth, I'm a big sucker for nice Logo designs.

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Thanks! I am thankful for your KINDNESS, it is very rare around here when it comes to me.

Ok here is your Request Darok :
The images lost a lot of quality when i turned them into .png so if you want the .psd then just ask.(Yup who ever gives out a .psd file, ME that's who!)

Also if you need artwork then please request as well because i also draw pretty good.

Spoiler: ShowHide

24 hour consecutive posting rule, yeah yeah...Nice title screen. ~Love, Starrodkirby86


Bad! Make the background, title, menu, and menu cursor separate! It allows for much, much better effects (I can script up something for you tomorrow if you want, Darok). That way, you can, for instane, have the title and menu glide or fade in, the cursor blink, etc., and it also takes up less space on disk than having four full images.

If I'm wrong and these are separate, ignore this post.


you are right WcW, ok we can make this good, well your way if i may. i figured he would be using the 3 image title screen script since its so popular.
i will post them now.


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Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is exactly what i want!!!!!!!!!
I want to thank you more but i cant becouse i just lnow the Basics of Englis =P (I speak spanish)
And please, if you can, give me the .psd
And please give me that Script of three pictures

And WcW i dont understnd exactly what you say.
( Half Credits are for you only =P)
[Sryy for bad English :shy:]


Half Credit! he only came on and said your title screen was poorly made.
USE A TRANSLATOR!|en|%23Zoom%20da%20imagem
anyway you're welcome, that's why i made this topic so use it as you see fit.


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Quote from: computerwizoo7 on June 07, 2009, 09:12:48 pm
KINDNESS, it is very rare around here when it comes to me.

No offense, but you get what you give. If you don't like this place, leave. What do you expect? That everybody will be nice to you after you are acting like an asshole? Like now, insulting the entire forum in just one sentence? And you want everybody to be nice to you? Well, sorry, but I have news for you: The world doesn't revolve around you. A shock, isn't it?
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Blizzard I do believe it's revolve :P

But I agree with you on that statement. The golden rule. :roll:


But anyways, constructive criticism ahead.

Nice title CW7 but like... it's not mysterious/darkenning/scary at all. The commands and text just throw it all off. You need dark text, not white/light grey text that just sticks off and hurts your eyes with all the darkness around it. The commands just kinda stand out, make them blend in with the picture more. If you can achieve that, it will be a great titlescreen.


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Quote from: Barney StinsonWhen I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.


Can I get a Title screen called the 'Dead March'

Type of request: Title 640x480
Name: Dead March
Subtitle: Quarantine (Very Tiny)
Font: Stone Like (stone textured with the fon't named Birth of a hero[can be foun on Dafont])
Style: Scary

Its a resident evil styled game with less gore but lots of zombies! Preferably a title similar to Resident Evil 5

A guy and a Girl back to back holding knives....Base : (the base will be here soon enough -_- need to instal fxcking flash...

If you were a fish...



Hiya. Was just wondering if you could do a logo for me?

Please and thanks, and will definitely power you up if you can do it ^_^

Type of request: Logo
Name: CORE (all capitals)
Subtitle: None
Font: Preferably "stenciled", but not conventional. Just read the additional notes/
Style: I didn't see any "style" selection thingity, so just read additional notes.
Additional notes: Ok, my game is a post modern military RPG, and there are several new arms companies. CORE is one of them. It is top secret, and I mean TOP. Literally around 25-35 people even know it exists. Only about 5 engineers run the entire company. They are some of the most brilliant in the WORLD. Most soldiers don't know what CORE is, and so when they see CORE equip, they're scared to death. Those that DO know are also scared to death, because they know EXACTLY what CORE is. ALthough CORE could produce incredible gear cheaply, they would rather produce AMAZINGLY powerful equipment, and effectively decide the fate of the world. No country can approach CORE- noone knows who or where they are. CORE decides, in a war, who to approach. Therefore, CORE controls history, and noone even knows who they are. They are INCREDIBLY hi-tech, and VERY secretive. THerefore, their logo is VERY simple-a 'stenciled' looking CORE type, which is white, on a solid black background. Centered, behind the words, is a yellow crescent moon- their emblem.

I'm thinking that the font would be SHAPED like this, only not ASCII (IE CRAP)
/           /
/           / \
\          /   \
\         \  /
  \         \/                   ETC

Although at a greater angle, so that the C looks like a <, almost.

Anyways, lemme know if this isn't specific enough, or whether or not you can do it. Shouldn't be all that hard.

Thanks a TON! ^_^
Project Link: Not yet available. The game is still in a very early stage of framework development.
About your project: In the post-modern world (2020), two friends, both around 18, are all militaristic aficionados. They both love all things ballistic, and eventually, they casually consider enlisting. Eventually, they do, and figure out just what it means to be a soldier.

Meanwhile, nanotechnology had been developed in 2009, but was only unveiled to the population by the US. THe other countries were smart enough not to go talking about it >.>. Anyways, Riots and junk ensued, until the US Govt. staged a plane crash in order to cover up NT's (Nanotechnology) existence. Therefore, all companies producing N-T are very secretive, but all soldiers know about all of them- except CORE. Meanwhile, all conventional companies (colt, beretta, glock, etc) are absorbed into the N-T companies, bought out. However, that is kept secret, as otherwise the civilian population would freak out.

Anyways, it's (small-scale) about what it really is to be a soldier. The invaritable hell of brutality which many are effectively FORCED into committing - that's why it's called 'The Valor Dove' - It means that one was brave enough to fight, but gentle enough to stay human while doing it. (large-scale), it's about the advent of N-T, and what it does to war.

It's this giant moral thingity, anyways.

That's the long story short. It's REALLLLLY COOL. XD.
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Hi! Is me again!
Can you Make a Logo From AmityVille With the Same Font And with Only one Tomb saying
"       RIP
Hannah Jones"
Again, Take your Time

(Can you send me the .psd From the Title Please?)


Type of request: Title 640x480
Name: Centra
Subtitle: Rise of Tiamut
Font: The Final Fantasy font, I think it can be found somewhere on the internet i do have it installed
Style: Ok Ill just explain what i want i dont know what style it would be.

I would like 2 faded out people(One with long hair and one with short hair) face to face(This part would be small so you are able to see the background) And i would like a white background but with a front view of a dragons head(Possibly a bit faded out)

I know it seems a bit complicated but I was thinking that maybe you could do it for me

Centra Rise of Tiamut

In production.

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I regret to inform everyone with new request that i am actually working on a project for [Someone] to create Joomla website, i only got it a few days back so if you all don't mind waiting then i will get to your request as soon as i can.
Also i actually have my own project that i am working on which i totally wasted a lot of time on and now i have to go in Crunch Time!

I can estimate that i will be able to get to all your requests at the end of the month.

PS: no one else will be getting a psd file unless i like your project or you.\

@Darok - check your inbox for your psd file.