AWESOME NEWS! New Unity Project - Claw of Elements

Started by MarkHest, January 14, 2016, 12:49:39 pm

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January 14, 2016, 12:49:39 pm Last Edit: January 15, 2016, 06:46:46 am by MarkHest
Hello everyone! :haha:

I'm in high spirit today! :)
Since I love the community here I decided to finaly let you guys in a project that I started working on this last summer. The project is made in Unity and the game is going to be focused around platforming with RPG elements in it. A Sidescroller. The game will also focus a lot on difficulty spikes. One of the main selling point of the game is going to be the epic and difficult boss fights that will show up after completing a world region(A set of levels).

The gameplay around how stages/levels work are going to be very dynamic! Very few levels are going look alike and have identical platforming segments. I want this game to always throw something new at the player when he/she makes progress and try to make the game as fun as possible.

So I'm here now! I'm reqruiting people who are itching to join a side-project that has no preassure or dead-like whatsoever. It's just a project that you can work on whenever you feel like it. Maybe one day you just feel like you want to work on something but don't know what... that's when you work on this game ;) 

The final release is most likely going to be free as making this game will mainly be a learning experience for me and the quality of some things I create can be lacking. But who knows... maybe if I can get a decent team of talentet and experienced people we might be able to polish the game enough to be a decent experience... or maybe even an AWESOME experience! And as long as the content/resources in the game is self made and original(which I will keep to) there won't be any trouble just in case the game actually turns out better than I thought and can be sold. Don't get your hopes up too much about that detail though! For now this game is just a side-project that is fun to work on and will give me (and maybe even you) some well needed experience in Game Developing.

So far some friends in school have joined me on this project so I already have a small team. We are 7 people in total but only 3 people are active with working on the project. The people who are active are 2 Programmers(one is me) and 1 Artist(she's talented!).

At first I wanted this to be a one-man-project and made most the game myself from ground up but after a while I scrapped that plan and asked if some of my friends were interested in joining. I was really suprised on how much more fun and easier it became when sharing my work with others. To work as a team on this project was the right decision!

So now I look at you!
YES... YOU! :clap:

Are you maybe itching to join a project that might or might not give you a fun experience in game developing? Like I mentioned before, this project has no dead-line there is no preassure on the team members and we are free to work on the project whenver we want. The only downside to not being active is probably that someone might finish that one thing you wanted to program/draw/sketch and you will need a new task :roll:

So, what kind of work are you interested in? Are you a Programmer, Artist or a Designer?

- Programmers:
The project is made in Unity and the code is written in C# so if you're familiar with either of these things you can contribute to many many many things. We're programmers! There is NOTHING we can't do! ;)

- Artists:
This is what we are in the MOST need of. We are in BIG need of telented people who are good at drawing and animating!
Graphics basically MAKES the game, they bring it to LIFE. Without graphics we'd just be staring into black space... maybe see a few cubes every here and there(programming joke) but that's irrellevant. Colors are the life of the game, without them everything will be just dull and boring and no one likes looking at a dull and boring game :(.
Thankfully... You're here! If you're burning for making things look awesome and fill your surrounding with life then I more than welcome a person like you on the team. I have need of talentet artists more than ANY other kind of worker. There is going to be a lot of graphics/resources needed so

- Designers
Are you a person of many ideas...? Are you a person of many CRAZY ideas...??? GOOD! Because for this game to become what I want it to become I'm going to need more than just one brain to do the thinking. People with many ideas are awesome! I mean seriosuly... who wants a game where you do the exact same thing over and over with some slight twist every now and then to "try" and keep the game interesting... no. Poor design I say.
While this game is going to be a linear platformer where you beat up enemies every now and then I am going to try my best to make this game as interesting as possible. It's already planned that every new level is going to bring something new. Some parts of a level might even be COMPLETELY different to what you're used to doing in the game.
You see... I am also a person of great imagination and I like comming up with ideas and solutions. But two minds are better than one! It does not matter if you can't draw or program or maybe you don't know anything about unity at all! That's alright! You can help this game out just by sharing a SIMPLE idea, you clever son of a bitch! :up:

- Sound Manager
Are you good with sounds? Are you good an voice acting? Are you good at anything at all?? Of coure you are, because you're awesome!
Listen... I want this game to have good quality sounds and even voice acting so if you're skilled in sound managing and making sounds effects etc... I NEED you on my team.
I might be a music composer but when it comes to recording, playing, mixing and messing around with sounds I'm a complete noob. This project is need of at least one person like this who is good at handling sound. Every sound. Everything from jumping to landing to magical attacks to lava explotions to footstep sounds... every sounds essentially. You will be the person in charge of this and the game will be very lonely without you because... it has no sound :(
If you have a good mic, a place where you can record without buzzy backgrounds, peace and quite and knows what you're doing on the edit table then please concider joining. I have much need of you.

- Music Composer
This is my spot! :^_^\':
I might already be the project leader, lead design, lead programmer, lead artist, the boss of the whole project... but I am still a video game music composer. I will take this spot and try to work my magic on this games soundtrack. 90%-95% of the feedback I get on all my music is positive so I'm very confident I will be able to bring good stuff to the table.

HOWEVER! If you too are a talented composer don't be affraid to step in and ask to join. If you too want to take a part in making music for this game then I might just let you join in on it. All you need to do is  send me some sample that you've made so I can determine whether you're qualified or not! (I'm very picky about the music in games. It's always that one thing people will remember the game for)
You can send a sample or two either as a post here on this forum thread or you can send them to me as a private message(if you want to keep the secret I mean. Don't worry I'm very trustful.)

I just need to say something before I go on. There are people I know very well here on these forums that I trust and I would be OVERJOYED to have them on my team. Should any of these people request to join this project I will grant them instant access to the team. However if I don't know you or if you are a new member on this forum I will first need to know who you are before I can invite you to the team. This is easily fixed by simply chatting, posting, sharing or maybe even skype conversations etc. Anyway... if you are concidering joining this project I am very grateful to you and I'm really looking forward to working with you in the future.

I have a skype group where the team members can chat or share work that they've made. If I accept you to join this project you will be prompted to get invited to the skype group.
As for the actual files of the project. We are using TortoiseSVN to be able to work separately in the same project file without interrupting each others work. TortoiseSVN also make it easy to keep everything up to date without much trouble. The people I know on this site will get instant access to the  SVN adress and the files if they decide to join, other people will get it once they're trusted. For obvious reasons ;)

The game is already in a high Alpha and many things are working as they should without too many bugs or glitches.
I took the time to make a demo of the tutorial level in its beta state, just so people can get a taste of what kind of game I'm actually trying to create here.
90% of the graphics are placeholders so don't freak out over the graphical details, alright ;)

Download link:  Demo Alpha Download

Controlls in game:

Arrows to move...
Z to run...
X to attack...
Space to jump...


I also have this BIG GIF animation if you don't feel like downloading the game, it should give you an idea of what the game is like:
Large GIF: ShowHide

Judging the demo of the alpha version, do you think the game holds potential? Feel free to share your toughts. This is going to be an interesting experience :)

I SOOO want GameGuy, Winkio, Ryex, KK20 and Blizzard in on this project! Working together with you guys would be so much fun and awesome! *hint* *hint*

I have two FULL notebooks of information that I've writen down about the game. Suprisingly I did a lot of planning on this game before I started working on it... (in comparison to The Missing Part - (Title Missing) where I didn't plan shit).
I'm going to copy what I've re-writein those notebooks all over to text files on the computer but that might take a while. What I'm trying to say is that I've planned this game very well. How its going to play and how it's going to change as you progress, most of the level design(mechanics) and all bosses already have their behaviour and AI planned. Many enemies are also already finished but more are bound to show up(¨looks at a random designer that might sign up¨)

Feel free to ask questions about the game. Is there anything you would like to know about it that I might have missed?