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Pen & Paper RPG


Live Edition


Over ten years in the making and over 60 years of Gaming Experience, it is our goal to create the best and most trusted fan created Role-Playing Game Engine for Dragon Ball Z on the internet. We aim to establish an emotional connection and community with our player base around the world through our inspiring periodical. To support the growth of our publication through a thriving and numerous base of fans from all generations and ages. We have moved away from Chaos Project to our own social media page on Facebook! Unfortunately that means we aren't going to be keeping tabs on this forum anymore. We did have over 22k views here on CP, holy $h1t batman! That is amazing;and  we want to keep that momentum moving forward and improve our system, rules and mechanics. So join Us on our Facebook page and don't forget to share Us!

DBZ RPG Facebook Page


Dynamic D10 Battle System
Six unique races
Built in training routines
Signature Techniques
Four unique Talent Trees
Over 26 different Skills
Z-Soul Implication
And much more...


DBZ Core - 28.0mb

Character Sheets - 508kb

Created by: Andreavnn

*EDIT* Update version 2.4 has been released (03/09/2016)[/center}