Mars Underground (30 March 2016 updated demo)

Started by KilgoreTrout, March 12, 2016, 06:16:01 am

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March 12, 2016, 06:16:01 am Last Edit: March 30, 2016, 10:00:30 pm by KilgoreTrout
Mars has just moved to a new city with his family. It's his first day at a new school.
Except every day is his first day at a new school.
Every morning Mars wakes up and relives the same day.
Every night the world ends.


  • Do anything you want in a consequence free world!

  • Dynamic music that took ages to program and will be unnoticed by 99% of players!

  • NBS battle system (No Battle System) - this is an adventure/exploration/puzzle game. It has no combat!

Explore Phobos City
Solve the mysteries of Phobos City and try to escape the timeloop!

Interact with the charming and witty citizens! Make friends!

Relive the same day over and over: almost as tedious as real life!

About Me and Influences
Hi, I'm Matt and I've been making this thing.
I've been playing around with software like RPG Maker since the late 90s trying to make my own game.
Mars Underground initially started after finding out a new RPG Maker engine was coming out. I checked out the DLC graphics packs available and was particularly taken by "Old School Modern" by Jason Perry.
At first I started planning on making a game that was largely Earthbound inspired. As a twist I thought I'd set it in a timeloop. Eventually I removed all the RPG elements and made it into an "adventure" game. I've been heavily influenced by the classic LucasArts adventures.
I have also always loved the way Zelda games open up as you play them. It's a feeling I'm trying to capture in my own game. As you unlock topics and gain items you can get to new places and have different experiences.
Dynamic/reactive music has been a passion of mine since listening to the music of Monkey Island 2 on a decent soundcard. I've been trying to make the music in my game as "dynamic" as possible using events.
Outside of video games I'd say Mars Underground is influenced by movies like Groundhog Day and Donnie Darko and novelists like Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut (that's where my user name "Kilgore Trout" comes from).

Demo (updated 30 March 2016)

Play online:

Download (PC):

Matt Sanderson

Music and Sound
Matt Sanderson
Paul McMahon (Akumenn)

Old School Modern, Fall Tiles and Time Fantasy by Jason Perry
Pop! Horror City by Vexed Enigma
RPG Maker DS+
Modern Shop by Lunarea

TerraxLighting: Terrax
MVCommons: Zalerian, Ramiro, Hudell, Dekita
TDDP PreloadManager and FluidTimestep: Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth
WebAudioCache and AdvancedMenus: orlando
ChangeTileSize and MV Smart Path: Shaz
DMV Core and DMV MapButtons: Dekita (
   Copyright (C) 2015 - Dekyde Studios
   Dekyde Studios Developer: Dekita - dekita(at)
YEP CoreEngine, MainMenuManager, RegionRestrictions, MessageCore and X-ExtMesPack1: Yanfly
SilvSkipTitle: Silver
MBS SmoothScroll and MapZoom: Masked
TTKC EventBaloonAlert and TTK ChoicesCursor: Fogomax
Orange EventHitboxes and InstantTrigger: Orange
Hime ConditionalChoices, HiddenChoiceConditions, LargeChoices and DisabledChoiceConditions: Hime --> HimeWorks (

Xeliard by Alex G.


Updated demo:

-Made improvements for touch devices
-Enabled AdvancedMenus plugin by orlando
-Moved all choice menus to centre of screen
-Added descriptions to more items
-Added poop and toilets...
-Added more music
-Added more sound effects
-Improved sound levels mix
-Various tweaks and improvements