[Boo] Project scanner for XP/VXA

Started by Mason Wheeler, March 28, 2016, 02:29:16 pm

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Mason Wheeler

This is not strictly a script, but you don't have any place for tools, so this is the closest match.

It's a tool that scans a project, looking over its events for various criteria.  If you've ever wondered where the Transfer Player that gets you to a certain map is, or how to set a certain quest-relevant variable, this tool is designed to answer such questions, either for digging around in your own work that's gotten too big for you to hold all in your head, or reverse-engineering another game for help on a quest you're stuck on.

It can be downloaded at https://github.com/masonwheeler/RMXP-Scanner/releases and documentation is available on the main page.  It supports XP and VXAce, but not VX because I don't have that version to figure out how to scan it.



*moved to Development Tools, despite it saying "Not for RPG Maker" though RPG Maker-related tools exist here*

Sounds like a promising tool. :)

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Mason Wheeler

Huh.  I guess there is a tools forum.  I just didn't find it because I was looking in the RPG Maker dev area. :P