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Class Rules comments on the realities of game development and contemporary millenial lifestyle at large.

The Background

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Through an engrossing story and rounded, relatable characters, Class Rules comments on the realities of game development and contemporary millenial lifestyle at large. Why do people choose to make games as a living? Is "love" meant for everyone? Why do hipsters think they are so cool?  Class Rules is an attempt to answer the pressing questions of our time.

Taking cues from classic 2D titles like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, and Legend of Zelda, to contemporary influences like No More Heroes 2, Alistar ++, and Always Sometimes Monsters, Class Rules aims to produce an unique action-comedy experience for both serious and non-identifying gamers.

The Main Story

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At Trafalgar Tech, Vince is finally ready to determine if he is worthy to call himself a true GAME DESIGNER. Further, he and his classmates are tasked with succeeding against all odds: they must enter a suffocating job market dominated by faceless multinational corporations and uninspired hipster start-ups.

Class Rules is Vince's journey through the world of game development: design, party, argue, and charm your way through a virtual re-imagining of Toronto's indie game lifestyle while discovering the many motivations behind the everyday decisions of game developers.

Character Descriptions

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[spoiler]From Sri Lanka, Phil worked overseas as a game developer before coming to the class. Phil mostly worked on mobile applications during his time at "DuoDense".  Dedicated and driven to show his skills in group settings, Phil is infectiously jovial, and shows a commitment to making games engaging and enjoyable experiences. Great friends and roommates with Bart. Working as a designer on the "Widow/Veteran" game called Eugoogooly. Likes to troll in good will.

Favourite games: Lord of the Rings Online


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Katherine was born and raised in Canada, but moved to the Netherlands with her family during high school. Katherine usually keeps to herself, and has  been that way as long as she cares to remember.
Keen and adventurous, Kat started playing games seriously leading up to her move to Europe. She took particular interest after learning her first scraps of code and modding a popular online shooter.
Kat is interested in immersing players in entirely different settings and space-times. She is devoted to making sure the experience is as seamless as possible.
A capable programmer, Kat is not really concerned with the dynamics of classroom politics and years to focus on creating something up to her standards of play experience.

Favourite game: System Shock 2


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Real-Time and Turn-Based

Use a fluid combination of both real-time and turn-based combat to argue, smash, trick, frag, and flirt your way through a myriad of enemies, puzzles, and challenges.

Cater Your Experience

Build your own character and personalize your story with over 12 unique abilities like skateboarding, cooking, or mic skills, providing tons of different ways to get through the game.

Naughty or Nice?

Your choices matter! Be mindful of how you treat your classmates. Do your best to create or eliminate drama while navigating an evolving college landscape complete with group projects, lectures, and hook-ups.

Get Your Design On

Learn and apply real-life game design principles to help your team build a successful game project and succeed at the game. Guide the structure of levels, parts of story, and even when the player is given special tools and weapons!

Some of the features I will be adding for the next build:

  • Dating and Romance

  • Cellphone/SMS

  • Skill/Profciency Specialization System

  • Microgames (5-10 second games that represent different tasks)

  • World Map and Location Navigation

  • Quest Log

  • Enhanced Lighting/Visual Effects

  • Classroom Performance Rating

  • Improved Combat (Direction fixing, more weapons, revamped melee


The Pictures:
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The download is here for those who REALLY want to play the prototype. TBH, I would prefer if you did not as I am coming out with a new build within the month that will be much more polished and has a host of new features. Though--if you're really set on playing this prototype of Class Rules, I'd love to hear your comments!

The link :


For more info, follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (, or visit us at for more info!


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