Monster Hunter Online english patch is out!

Started by MarkHest, June 01, 2016, 11:15:30 pm

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June 01, 2016, 11:15:30 pm Last Edit: June 04, 2016, 03:53:32 pm by MarkHest
Do you enjoy playing Monster Hunter...? GREAT! Me too! :haha:

If you're interested in playing Monster Hunter Online (It's a free game) there is now a patch that translates some of the most important texts in the game from Chinese to english. The game was originally only suposed to be released in china but some awesome people made this awesome patch for everyone :)
Apparently they are eventually going to translate the whole game but for now the patcher will translate only some of the chinese. Don't worry though! I've tested it and it's totaly playable. The most important texts like quests and item names and lots of GUI is english.

The process for making an account is kinda tricky for non-chinese people but heres a really good guide on how to make it work:
I followed that guide step-by-step and it worked for me.

Once you install the game and update it you download this patcher and install the patch where you installed the game:
(Remember to download all original patch data from the original launcher before applying the english patch. Not sure if it matters but it's good to be safe)

If you do actually download the game and want to to play I am located on this server shown bellow:
Spoiler: ShowHide

You choose the server in the Launcher. Make your character there if you want to play together with me :) (You can't transfer characters between servers)
That server is also a place where a lot of western people have joined because of a reddit post.

(The Monster Hunter Online Launcher is always in chinese so don't freak out if you patch it and see only chinese in the Launcher.

As I said before, the game is free. The only tricky part is making that damn QQMail account.

Once in-game press Y and add friend. Write Nali and you should have added me as a friend. Please make a post here as well if you plan on playing :roll:

Hopefully some of you guys are interested. It would be awesome to play one of my faviourite game series with you guys! :haha:


Has anyone picked up on this yet? :roll:


I may think about trying this, I've played other patched games anyway such as Shin Megami Tensei and Ragnarok Online 2 when it was just being released/tested in Korea xD (ooooh I miss going through walls </3).

Now question! How similar is this one to the offline Monster Hunter? Is is similar to any of the main series or something?


June 15, 2016, 02:22:47 pm #3 Last Edit: June 15, 2016, 02:24:01 pm by MarkHest
Other than the leveling system(To put level requiredments on everything) it's pretty much the same game :)
You farm a lot, you kill a lot. you gather a lot. You finaly shof your hard work in everyones faces once yougot the best stuff ;)

The questing system is a little different, but it's bareble. Hope to see you around^^


I may look into the game when I have time,  I have been wanting to play Monster Hunter Online for a long time now So if you see Spoofus or Spoofuss running around then it will most likely be me.

My Blog site I am working on: