Pokemon GO GPS Spoofing on Android

Started by Blizzard, July 14, 2016, 01:09:39 pm

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July 14, 2016, 01:09:39 pm Last Edit: July 18, 2016, 12:24:22 am by gameus
There's no way you haven't heard of it yet. It's the new overnight success Pokemon GO. The game allows you to walk around in the real world and with GPS tracking you can find and catch pokemon on your mobile phone, find items in Pokestops, evolve them, make them stronger, compete in gyms and more!

Before I explain anything I want to warn you: GPS Spoofing is against the TOS of Pokemon GO and can results in soft ban and even permanent bans of your account. The game is meant to be played by going outside. I cannot be held responsible for any damages to your phone, your account, your reputation or any other damages if you decide to use this guide.

I'll get right to the point. Why would you want to spoof your GPS location in the first place? While some people might have more "honorable" reasons like not being able to move the house or being handicapped, others are just plain lazy. Like me. Well, it's not the laziness factor here that's the problem to be honest. The current version freezes on me so often that it keeps draining my time without providing me the actual fun. So I decided I'll just cheat. Fuck it. (Though I don't cheat all the time. Usually only when I'm home. I use it legit when I go to work, etc.)

What do you need to know about GPS spoofing? It's basically faking your GPS location so you can simulate that you are walking around in order to be able to do all the things you can do in the game. There are a few things you need to know before settings things up.

1. Your Android phone has to be rooted. There is no way around this. To get this done, make sure to find a guide for your phone model. (Keep in mind that rooting your phone could void your warranty. Make sure to check and know the risks.)
2. Download and install Lucky Patcher.
3. Download (but DO NOT install) Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Put it on your SD card.
4. Run Lucky Patcher and give it super user access. One-time or 10-minutes only is fine.
5. Open the last tab Rebuild & Install, select the downloaded Fake GPS Location Spoofer APK from your SD card and select Install as system app.
6. After a reboot, open Fake GPS Location Spoofer, go to Settings and turn on Expert Mode.

You can avoid the whole thing with Lucky Patcher by purchasing the Pro version of Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Your phone still has to be rooted, though.

That's it as far as the technical part goes. But there are a few more things you should know:

  • Don't use Android's Mock Locations feature. Pokemon GO detects it, even if you try to mask it and it won't work.

  • Don't set your GPS to GPS only / Device only. Pokemon GO won't work like that.

  • Don't move around while using GPS spoofing. The cell tower triangulation seems to kick in and messes with your location if you move too much. These jumps in your location could make the server aware that you're trying to cheat.

  • Don't do huge jumps in too short amounts of time. I did 5 km (about 3 miles) jumps without problems within just maybe 10-15 seconds, but I did get soft-banned when I tried a 300 km (about 187 miles) jump. This might be because you have to switch between apps when you use Fake GPS Location Spoofer. So you get some sort of grace period. I once got soft-banned for doing a 300m jump, but it was probably because I moved around the cell tower triangulation kicked in.

  • Try to simulate moving or maybe riding a bike and do smaller jumps (e.g. 100m) at a time. That's your safest bet. Though I usually have no problems with jumps of 1km.

  • I recommend in Fake GPS Location Spoofer to turn on GPS Move Location and set the Timeout in seconds to 7 and The distance to move around to 10. It helps a bit in location and slightly moving around for a bit without having to change your location again.

About soft-bans:

Soft-bans are usually lifted after a time, but "smaller soft-bans" (e.g. if you tried smaller jumps) can be fixed by killing the game in the task manager and restarting it. Or maybe it was just the server being shitty on me, IDK.
You will know that you're soft-banned if all of these things happen to you:

  • Every pokemon flees after your first pokeball throw.

  • Pokestops always say "Try again later"

  • If you try to fight in a gym, the game lets you set up your party all the way (sometimes even the battle start animation finished) and then throws your back to the gym view screen.

And here's a special section on hatching eggs.

You will have a hard time hatching eggs with GPS spoofing. There is different information on the Internet. Some say the game uses GPS and the pedometer to make sure you are walking while some claim it only uses GPS. There appears to be a maximum speed at which you are allowed to move so that the distance counter increases and I've seen people estimate the speed anywhere from 10 km/h (about 6.25 mph) all the way to 30mph (about 48 km/h). From my personal experience, the distance on the eggs increases sometimes while I spoof, disregarding whether I keep shaking my phone or not so I assume that the pedometer isn't used. But it's far from reliable. I maybe get a few hundred meters for spoofing over a distance of 5km step by step. Walking or something slightly faster (slow bike ride, skateboard, etc.) seems to be the only reliable way. Though, I have to admit it's ruggish as well. I walk for like 2km and only get maybe a bit above 1km on my distance.

To add to this, while using the tidbit below and using FakeGPS to move around your fake location, you are able to hatch your eggs and increase the distance just fine. In fact, read below to see a great way to auto hatch your eggs. ~ gameus
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July 17, 2016, 06:36:34 pm #1 Last Edit: July 18, 2016, 12:23:33 am by gameus
Using Mock Locations

This is an add-on to Blizzard's tutorial above. This also requires root and a special framework for Android phones titled Xposed. Find more about it here and see if you can install it for your device. There are tutorials everywhere and it generally works for most phones. Xposed has tons of modules for just about anything you can possible do with your phone, whether its app specific, or you're just changing specific theme aspects or functionalities. So follow a tutorial on how to install Xposed and come back when you're ready. There's a particular module titled 'Hide Mock Location', this module will hide Mock Location settings from specific apps that you choose with a blacklist/whitelist setting. This makes things like GPS Spoofer and Move My GPS work flawlessly without any issues.

  • Download and Install Xposed

  • Download and Install Hide Mock Location Module (You can install this through the Xposed Installer app on your phone or install the APK manually and enable it in Xposed)

  • Enabled 'Hide Mock Location' in Xposed Modules in the app and do a full reboot

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options > Enable Mock Locations (Or choose Mock Location App if on Marshmellow)

  • Run FakeGPS or any other GPS spoofing app

Following this you should be able to experience a problem free GPS spoof without any issues. This even works with WiFi on.

Pokemon Joystick

Using the method above and combining it with another Xposed module, you can actually spawn a Joystick on your phone that will move your GPS location around a little bit more freely without having FakeGPS do it periodically. This method is a bit more finnicky and will occasionally revert back to your actual location. So if you just want to use it to walk around your neighborhood you'll be alright. This method is ideal for hatching eggs.

  • Make sure you've done the above

  • Install this Xposed module manually. Make sure you get the "1.1" version from the attachments

  • Enable it in Xposed. Reboot. Open up the app, turn on the 'Master Switch' reboot again.

  • Open up the 'Pokemon Joystick' app again, and click "Show Joystick"

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options > Enable Mock Locations (If on Marshmellow, make sure you set the Mock Location App to the Joystick)

Take note, if using FakeGPS, make sure you open up FakeGPS and press the Stop button first. The joystick moves your GPS location based off your actual location so it'll teleport your player back and fourth between real and spoofed.

Auto Walk a Route

This method allows for great auto egg hatching. Using 'Mock Locations (fake GPS path)' you can setup a route that has a lot of PokeStops and snag them while your character is walking. You can also snag up any Pokemon that pop up as well. The settings I use finish about 5KM in about 40ish minutes and Pokemon Go recognizes just about all of it and is progresses your eggs a lot faster than FakeGPS in the original post.

  • Make sure you follow the above to allow Mock Locations

  • Install Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options > Allow Mock Locations (Or Set Mock Location App if on Marshmallow)

  • If you were already using FakeGPS, keep it running until you plot out your path. This makes it so when you open up the path app, you can see where your current location is. Set the starting point there but long pressing the screen. Scroll a bit away and long press again to add a point. You can add as many points to your path as you want. I recommend setting up a loop so when the path is done, you can just execute it again.

  • Once you have your course plotted out, press the check mark on the left. Some settings will pop up. The only thing I would change are the two numbers under 'Speed'. Set the first one to '10' and the second one to '5'. Above the 'Speed' label it'll tell you how long it'll take to walk your path. These settings seem pretty natural to me and so far haven't been soft banned.

Once the route is done, it WILL REVERT to your ACTUAL location. Things I recommend doing are:

  • Launch FakeGPS right before your route ends and spoof the location you were at before you started the route. This will really only work if you setup a route that loops based off your original spoofed location.

  • Have the route end at your actual location.

  • Have the route Start and End at your actual location and just loop it over and over again.

Doing things like this CAN still result in a soft ban/account ban. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.


July 19, 2016, 10:41:14 am #2 Last Edit: July 19, 2016, 11:05:01 am by Blizzard
Just a not to gameus' tutorial: You should turn off Expert Mode in Fake GPS Location Spoofer so it works better and set the location to GPS Only / Device Only.

EDIT: Also, walking faster than 7-8 km/h doesn't work so well with eggs. I use 6±1 and it works better than 7±1. But I think 5±1 will give the most consistent results.
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