2 New 3DS Games w/ new 7th Dragon class overview

Started by Spoofus, July 23, 2016, 09:20:00 am

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So I finally managed to get my hands on a new3DS the other day and got 2 games for it.

First game I got was Monster Hunter Generations, and I gotta say,  I love some of the new features the game has like the hunter arts,  the set I am currently using makes SnS all the more fun to me. (pm me if you want my friend code,  and if anyone has the game,  let's set up s hunt sometime)

The other game I got was 7th Dragon 3 Code: VFD.
this game is like the other 7th Dragon games but with a somewhat Shin Megami Tensei feel to it. I have played about 10 hours into it and the team I have e going is a lot of fun. You have a team of 3 for fights etc., and there are 4 classes to pick from at the start but you get 4 more open up as you progress, and you can change classes later on I learned. Out of the 4 starter classes.

The four starter classes are:
God Hand

I went with Duelist for my main character.Duelist is a odd class, think of it as if your playing yu gi oh, the attack spells are all creatures you summon,  and you can set field cards to buff elemental power and what not, and trap cards can be set that are triggered depending on what action are taken by a enemy. It's a neat class, it has your typical mage stats but with class changing I'm gonna go samurai(typical warrior class),then go back the Duelist to get the warrior stat bonuses added to it.

My second class choice was Agent,  it is a dps, support, and kinda debuffer/status effect class, it a fun class as well cause it starts with a skill called Hack,  that applies a edge t, so you can use "hacking" skills,  the 2 hacking skills it starts off with are good I think, one make the enemies beat up each other,  and the other one deals pretty good damage and restore the parties MP. It is a useful class to have I think personally.

The third class I went with was God Hand, it's like a typical Monk class mixed with Priest/Healer skills. It's damage out put from its attack skills can be amazing, certain skills add a stackable effect called God, you have to get it to a certain number to use some skills, creating skills won't reset the counter,  but the skills that do reset the god counter can deal a massive amount of damage the higher the counter stack is.

I hadn't messed with the Samurai class yet, but it skill sets are based on what weapon type is equipped from what I can tell.

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I hope you didn't update to 11.0 yet. D: If your firmware version is 10.7 or lower, I can help you hack it and get homebrew going on it.


Sadly I think it might be at 11.0, I didn't even think of putting homebrew on it.

I do however still have my old 3ds XL still.

My Blog site I am working on: http://spoofus.weebly.com/