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Started by Kiwa, August 04, 2016, 11:34:11 pm

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August 04, 2016, 11:34:11 pm Last Edit: August 04, 2016, 11:53:17 pm by Kiwa
I thought I'd make a quick post on this because I think many may be curious how it works out.
Get ready...this post will probably be long like every other post i make.

A Brief history: (not directly related)
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I've always been interested in gaming on the go. I had every hand held I could think of. Even those lame Tiger games that beeped and had character outlines that changed position on screen when you moved them.

I dreamed of making gameboy games when I was young. Then Smartphones came out much later and I dreamed of making fun games for people to play. Not this pay to win stuff. they are gind fests that almsot force you into paying.

So naturally RMMV was REALLY exciting.

I picked up RMMV to focus on making mobile games.
RMMV is nice. There are tons of improvements made to it that I love. I think it's a great program.

I spent a few months making a game for a select group of people. I wanted to give the game out for free and experience the features of RMMV so it's all stock materials that are used except a few free scripts, original generated characters and my map designs (which were also simply designed for time sake).

I converted the project using intel XDS (cool program by the way).

First thing that happened is I used the *Import only materials used by the game* feature.
compiled it. played it on my tablet and found It didn't include a few important materials such as battle ANIMATIONS and CHARACTERS! lol.

So I recompiled the ENTIRE RTP with the game.
YAY! it worked!
I was happy.

I decided to play through the entire game on my tablet to make sure it felt right and was easy to navigate.
and this is where the more serious problems came in.

The game go SERIOUSLY laggy as i played. especially after playing for a good 10 minutes. the battles were moving so slow that I could see each frame.
I was using YANFLYs camera zoom script..so when i cast a spell it zooms on the caster. The spell animation showed a flickering over lap of the transparent parts of the casting image animation.
It could be due to the script that this happened.

My tablet got EXTREMELY hot. to the point of concern. and it remained hot long after and even slowed my OS and other apps.
The final problem was suden crashing. The game suddenly crashed a few times some in battle and some jut walking on the map. no particular reason that i could find.

I made a quick video linked to one of my google drive. its about 8mb recorded with my phone so you could see the odd layering. I couldnt catch any screenshots.
Created a quick Youtube acount with that google account and uploaded it to youtube instead. Figured its more trustworthy. lol.

I'm unsure if this is because:
- i changed the resolution size to match Samsung galaxy phones / tablets.
- i used a nice zoomy battle script.
- XDS doesent convert well.
- samsung phonese / tablets are sensitive (i dont think thats the case really tho. I've played more taxing things and didnt have this issue.).
- This is the result of a crossover using a scripting language which isn't close to a machine language..so a lot of processing is nessisary and it cant be helped.

I'm more inclined to believe tha latter of the 5.
I don't want to discourage anyone from getting RMMV. I really like the program. I'm just disappointed about the mobile feature.
But the good news is this is more reason to learn a more powerful language like JAVA,  C++ or C#

Could you share your experiences with this feature (mobile only) to spread more information on this topic?



I just wanted to relay this information for those who are curious about it