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Started by rocketastro, September 08, 2016, 09:34:18 am

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Hey guys. I found this project very interesting because I already have a 24/7 server to use for hosting a game and I like the RPG Maker.

Greets from Germany


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Quote from: rocketastro on September 08, 2016, 09:34:18 am
I already have a 24/7 server to use for hosting a game and I like the RPG Maker.

Does that mean you're planning on using RMX-OS?

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Yes, maybe... I like the Pokemon Essential Script, just checked it. Maybe I will make a little game to the first badge :) to learn how to handle the script.
A goal for me would be to translate it into german for my little game.
Another goal for me (if the code is easy enough to handle) I would like to downgrade some options to 3rd Gen or sth like this... but only if I can use it well...


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I've seen a list of special Essentials thingies that are for specific versions. They had all the way down to Gen 2. I just... forget where that was...  :^_^':

BUT YA.  :uhm:
I'm newish here, too... I just didn't think to post anything about it...

I'm planning on doing a thing with PE, eventually, if I can manage to do it the way I want. I want to reduce the features down to Gen 1 level... and then go a bit farther. I'm just weird. I'm currently working on a normal, non-Pok√©mon project, just for the sake of learning to use RMXP as well as I can. It's going to be a crap game, but I'm having fun with it.  :D

EDIT: Here's the Specialized Versions I mentioned, but it seems there's no Gen 3 version.


Ah, this is very nice. I also like Gen1&2... tonight ive tried to get PvP system working. ... I get no error message, but the client at both sides closes after the message "press enter to start pvp" .... you know. i hope someone can help me. ive forwarded port 5000 and got Main.ru working and gmail account is accepted aswell.... without PvP working its senseless to me :(