[RESOLVED] [XP] Passable Bridges Over Impassable Gaps

Started by Nath, September 14, 2016, 06:10:31 am

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I feel like this should be a common issue, but I haven't been able to find a solution to my specific situation.

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In the image above, I have a two tile gap with events that have the graphic of a bridge (from the tileset) set to be partially transparent. When a certain switch is on, they become opaque and (theoretically) should have some method of becoming passable.

(I actually would have expected them to have the passability of the bridge tile, overruling the tiles below it, and need to be made impassable while transparent, but that turns out not to be the case.)

The only way I can think to deal with this is to have no tiles under the bridge events, thus making the spaces passable. Then I'd set the graphics on the default page to be the appropriate tiles for the gap, thus making them impassable, again. Then when the bridge is revealed, it shouldn't have any complications from competing with the map's tiles.

The main issue with this approach is that I would lose the transparent bridge effect, which I really like for this, as a visual cue. The idea here is that there is an illusion hiding the bridge, but I won't get too into the details of all that. :P

I'm hoping there's something embarrassingly simple that I'm missing, or a solution that doesn't require anyone to go to any great effort to help me out. If not, I can always just scratch the transparent idea and deal.

EDIT: Of course, I figured it out myself, right after posting!  :>.<:

My solution is to put the bridge tiles on the map, then set the events to look like a gap, but be slightly transparent. On the second event page, it's just empty, with no graphic, and thus the bridge is literally revealed! I had to mess with the 4-way passability of some tiles to allow walking onto the bridge from the ledge tiles to its sides, but it works!


An alternative would be to use four events instead, without having to touch your tileset or 3 layers.

You use the bridge graphic from your tileset over the gap as usual. First page has no preconditions and is set with transparency. Second page requires switch on, graphic is visible.

You then put an event on each side of the bridge with an invisible walk-able tile from your tileset; this allows you to ignore the passage rules set on your cliff edges. These have only one page, triggered by having the same switch above turned ON.

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