Recommendations on great RPG maker games?

Started by GatsRoller, November 23, 2016, 03:23:23 am

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Hi there everyone!

Newbie here, been using RMXP for about a month now, my idea is to learning basics from there and develop a decent game until the end. I'm getting closer to actually launch my demo! I feel it takes too long to progress, but well its raw learning along the way, the thing is Im trying to make sure to:

1. finish the game as I know unfinished projects are all over (Actually thats why I have planned a short dungeon crawler).

2. Make sure its a good game, all checked, debugged, innovative, so basically with quality. I'm recently spending a lot of time on this an is beyond casual at this point, this will be my new hobby from now on.

So it would be great to have a idea of where to start to look for great RPGM finished games  to play before releasing any demo, as I want like to set my expectations of how a good product should look like.

In my case Im mostly interested in RMXP titles to play, but maybe we can all share some names or links for the community to keep it fresh an have good titles buzzing around.


You know how this forum is named Chaos Project?  Well check out the game with the same name that Blizzard made:,31.0.html


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I'm actually also working on an expansion a bit in my free time. I have a majority of things done already, but I didn't have much free time since this summer so it's been standing in place for a while. It might be possible that I'll finish it after New Year, though.
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