How to make skills cost items when being used? [VX]

Started by assi23q, December 04, 2016, 11:52:27 am

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Hi, so the way my game works is that MP doesn't really exist, instead you have items like scrolls to perform spells.

I cannot figure out a good way to do this. I've tried making a common event that when the skill is used, it adds the mana necessary to perform the skill and then removes the item, however, this requires MP for the skill to work. I tried making the player constantly silenced and the silence gets off when the skill is performed, this didn't work either. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Is there any VX script that can do this? I know there is some for Ace but I can't seem to find any for VX.

Note: I'm using an ABS (on-screen battle system) so I can call common events easily to handle this, except if I can figure out a way to actually do this.


Wouldn't it be easier simply to make items call a common event that would make the item-using use the skill in a forced manner?
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Thanks for the tip, that worked. The game features a make your own scroll with items (I originally wanted the scroll to be the skill) but you can make them on the go by just using the skill without having to make the scroll and it uses the items, but I decided to change it into the scroll being another item that you need to make beforehand to use, it does slow down gameplay quite a bit, but it works.