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Started by whitespirits, March 30, 2017, 01:55:31 pm

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We are opening and English Server for Beta soon!




I present to you, Wing Of Misadventure , a true MMO created through RPG Maker VX Ace!, The game has come a long way over the last year and is very near BETA stages! As many will know starting a MMO is no easy task and requires lots of time and money to allow the game to reach its full potential! That's the reason we have started this Kick Starter page to gain financial support to improve all aspects of the game.

The proposal of the game

Wing Of Misadventure is a professional-quality MMO created through Forjerum , and is based on group battles. As the essence of a true MMO, it is impossible to evolve alone in this game, since most of the enemies have a power far superior to that of the player.

We bring through Misadventure a unique universe with its own history and particularities that revolve around 15 gods and 15 races.

The great work around a great project

Wing Of Misadventure has been produced for years and is created by 4Tabern, the same team that made available the Open Source database for MMO's in RPG Maker VX Ace called Forjerum.

We use in the project various illustrations and resources created by us, and we use the limit of the potential that we are guaranteed using the RPG Maker.

Of course, since 4Tabern is a team that has always been contributing to the online gaming community, we will continue to strengthen Forjerum's potential through Wing.



Wing Of Misadventure has some carefully created systems that will give a full and complete 2D mmorpg experience! We have implemented a fast paced action combat system that will truly test players not only in the world of PVE but PVP also!

The System of battle of wing of misadventure will have only a few points.

First, the maps will have a few monsters, that why each monster is the strength of a player, and face monsters of your own level alone will be a real challenge. (except low levels where we facilitate things)

Our Defense system also will not make you immune to any kind of enemy. We call the defense of "resistance" and she is based on reducing the damage received in a percentage. Unless you regenerate more to life than receives as damage (which depends on the attributes of your character), you can die for any monster.

In spite of a monster to have the strength of a player, the reward that he will give is equivalent to the work that the player will have to defeat him, we want to create an interaction in battle where stand just attacking is sign the death warrant.

The Monsters will use spells and as soon as they start, a hint to get away from them will be shown on the screen. That is not always easy or possible. (for our cani kinchs iarumas and sure it will be easier)

Heads will be a real complication. Die in misadventure at the very least can cost you a level, and face a boss is a task in which anyone can die without the right team to help you. In addition, it is impossible to escape of the statement of a boss after he woke up.

But the risk is worth it, despite a boss could cost up to an hour of battle, in the end the reward could be a whole level.


On the system of missions!
The game will have a number of missions around the world, there will be only two kinds of missions, the secondary and primary.

The difference between primary and secondary are that the primary missions will release new aspects of the game, for example, spells and access to certain maps, apart from bringing high level awards for the player.

We are also working on an alternative system of missions that will "create" a temporary mission every time interval in a random place off the map with a difficulty and random prize.

(obviously, NPC and random story for the alternatives)


A little bit about our system of equipment!
The equipment can make up to 14 different bonus and they always are based on points of status or direct points (such as physical endurance, chance of critical and etc...)

There are several levels to an item, we split in the following:
Only one
Super rare
Very rare

From bottom to top, the higher the level, the stronger the item will be. The level of the item is defined at random in two ways, dropping in the monsters or through the creation with a craftsman.

The chance is also lower for items above unusual, and transcendent items will be the most powerful (we will be able to say that they are going to be unique items on the server that will appear once or twice a month).

Despite the chance to be fixed in the drop. In the creation of items is different, the greater your level of Craftsman, the more chances you will have to create an item of higher quality (in the maximum level of craftsman is right that all your items will be copies, but transcendent items will still be really difficult).

To put in issues of force, an item of level 1 in the transcendent quality probably has the strength of an entry level 99 in the common quality.

Another important point is that not all the items that are on the same level they give the same bonuses, that's because we want to make each item of the game more "only".

Elemental System

On the elemental system of the game!
Each of the magic and weapons of the game will have damage based on one of the elements of the game.

The elements are:

Each of the elements have chances only to cause extra effects us enemies, for example, attacks of fire has a chance to burn the enemies, and attacks of water has a chance to recover your life.

Also there will be resistance elementals, certain monsters and items will have more resistance to certain elements in the game.

Each class will have magic based on 2 OR 3 elements. And we'll announce soon the elements of each class.

MMO Standard Systems


Wing has a very simple but effective trade system that players can use to buy or sell items to each other!


Team with your friends to progress as far as possible against some difficult obstacles in the world of Wing. On screen health and specific class roles will all add to becoming the perfect team!


Take a stop at the local stores in the game to find new and improved items and loot that can be purchased with gold to improve aspects of your character!


Start your recruitment process as you embark on building a guild full of players that can help each other through Wing!


Our developer has been working extremely hard in making a very special system for crafting that will truly engage players in developing their own custom made armors and weapons to use against foes in the game.

The Story

The Michs worship the goddess Lyaloto, the protector of the winds. The history of his race is one of the oldest in the world of Misadventure.

Misadventure emerged with the collaboration of 15 gods, but Lyaloto created the first living beings of Misadventure blowing towards the forests. Of all her creations, the one that brought her most happiness were the Mich Adapse, beings who carry in all directions the ideas and emotions of the goddess. Lyaloto left only two important rules for the Michs to follow suit:

The Michs could not relate to any other race sentimentally.

They should also protect life in Misadventure in all its form, especially the lives of the animals created by the goddess Mich. The murder of a creature Mich is a veritable affront to existence Mich and the goddess Lyaloto.

The Michs had not been bred for combat, for Lyaloto, they should live in peace, but that changed completely when the god Oto placed his race in Misadventure.

The Aiprahs were soon the second race created at Misadventure, and were put into the world by Oto, the god of thunder. Oto has always been the god with the most destructive air, and has placed in the Aiprahs a senseless irrationality, making them a race specially created to destroy. With the arrival of the Aiprahs in Misadventure, the world began to be destroyed little by little and the Michs were threatened. Lyaloto was furious with Oto, and the gods had their first battle.

A battle of unspeakable dimensions happened, and Oto was finally put at the mercy of the final blow of Lyaloto, but the other gods intervened and caused Oto to withdraw the Aiprahs from Misadventure. The god of thunder felt humiliated and begged the Aiprahs to stay. A vote was made among the 15 gods, and by only one vote, the Aiprahs could stand on condition that Oto corrected the madness of the Aiprahs, and so he did. The Aiprahs had their folly erased.

Lyaloto however, suffered deeply with the death of many Michs, and realized that, they could not live in Misadventure without the ability to combat. It was when Lyaloto cut off one of his wings, relinquishing half of his power, and delivered it to the most valiant Michs, who turned the wing into a spiritual source of Mich's existence.

Lyaloto could no longer defeat Oto after that, but the Michs possessed the power of a true god in their hands.