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Started by CriticalHit, April 01, 2017, 03:46:15 pm

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I'm working on a game in RPG Maker XP. I am using Blizz ABS 2.84. My problem is getting more than one summon to be active at once. I use the Blizz ABS script generator application and make a new skill set to summon a monster but the drop-down box in the config application only shows actors. I look at the Blizz ABS part 1 script, and it says:

when 7 then return [SUMMONMonster, 1, 30]

But it still summons actor 1, I want it to summon monster 1. I would like to be able to have more than one summon at a time, like a skeleton army in Diablo II. Also, in the config application, both pets and summon limits are set to 3 so I can't figure out why I can't summon more than one summon at a time.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


It's actually impossible to summon more than one of the same type. This is the line:
return false if (@pets + @monsters).any? {|b| b.battler_id == summon[1]}

I wouldn't tamper with this if I were you.

And you're right about the "monsters are actually actors, not enemies" part.
new_battler.battler = $game_actors[summon[1]]

It always calls this line regardless if it is a pet or a monster. Unfortunately, the fix is not as easy as putting $game_enemies (since that doesn't exist) and would actually require utilizing RMXP's Troops database to do some pseudo, very hackish, solution.

Why don't you just make an actor that has the same stats as a monster?

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I thought summoning monsters would allow me to have multiple summons but I see now that regardless if I choose actors or monsters, I can't summon more than one at a time. Is there any way I could have more than one summon at a time? Is there some work-around?



Yeah, the problem is that actors have to be used and each actor has to be unique. But I think it could be possible if you use some scripting in the config. e.g. If you make 2 skeleton actors (#001 and #002), you could add a script in the Skills#summon method. e.g. If #001 is already summoned, "return 2", else "return 1"

    def self.summon(id)
      case id
      when 1
        return [SUMMONPet, 2, 2] if $BlizzABS.summoned_actor?(1)
        return [SUMMONPet, 1, 2]
      return [SUMMONNone, 0, 0]

You can add more skeletons that way. And if you want to summon multiple skeletons at once, it's probably the easiest to make a skill that triggers an event with a script that triggers the same summon skill multiple times. You could actually make the whole thing work with one skill calling multiple summon skills that each summon a unique skeleton without using the config hack above.
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