problem to connect in mrmx os

Started by Oscar26, May 06, 2017, 10:05:45 pm

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hello, i am trying to install the mrmx os to make a pokemon game online and i use the guide in this forum about how install it, and after when i go by the 6.2 point that says run the file start server.bat and it doesnt connect and i have seen all the possible solutions and i did can to connect.

it says:
starting TCP Server at
connecting to mysql database rmxosdb
unexpected error occured
cant connect to mysql server on localhost (10061)

the file cfg.ini says:
sql_hostname = ´localhost´
sql_username = ´root´
sql_password = ´mypassword´(and also i have intented to put the space in blank )
sql_database = ´rmxosdb´

can someone to help me to connect the server??
my skype is