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[Unity2D][Android] AudioBreak Project. + Playable DEMO
« on: June 19, 2017, 07:06:55 AM »
Smash your Music
By: R.A.V.S.O.

AudioBreak is a videogame app I've been developing under the Unity 5.5 engine with the Android OS in mind.

It's a game with simple mechanics, that lets you take whatever music you may have on your phone (.mp3 format) and generates a playable level from it, users with lots of music in their smartphones can make the most of this app.


The core gameplay is simple: you get to control a player character (under the name of Joe) who can move around the playing field with the corresponding arrow buttons, during the gameplay, musical notes will spawn from the track the player selected at the start, it's up to Joe to smash these notes before they reach the top, so time your jumps accordingly to ensure no notes get away.

Gameplay Demonstration Video:

Aside from moving about smashing notes, Joe can also use his customizeable abilities to help him out provided you have enough power to trigger them up.


(while the game is fully playable on android devices of 4.2 or higher, bear in mind I still have some extra features planned, and will continue to edit this list.)

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The game itself works for the Android OS at the moment, but should it enough popularity, I'd heavily consider porting it to IOS (granted I get a proper license, but that's still under wishful thinking) the minimum required to run the game at the moment is Android 4.2 or higher. (Android versions above 6.0 might be experiencing some issues, but I'm working to fix these ASAP, sorry about that)

Feel free to give the game a shot:


Current Version is: v1.1

The .apk weights approximately 34 mb and should run at a stable 30 fps on old phones, and a smooth 60 fps on newer phones, just
download the .apk to your phone and install to play.


The AudioBreak Project as of right now has been completed for a demo release, but I will continue to keep working on it from time to time, either by adding more device support, additional music or overhauls to how the system works, bear in mind that this is by no means the final product and might suffer some drastic changes from time to time.

Hope you guys enjoy the game ;D
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