Started by Vasiliki, July 03, 2017, 08:19:39 am

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Hello Chaos Project community!
I am Vasiliki and I'm from Greece.
I just found out about you, from "Heretics Collection".

I love drawing, books, anime, chocolate, pigs and of course pc games!
My dreams for the past years are to create an rpg game and (more recently) a manga. :^_^\':

I hope to get to know you all!!

ps. I'm an RPG Maker XP lover!


Γεια βασιλικι
Welcome to Chaos Project. I like RPG Maker XP too.


Thank you!! :D
And with a greek greeting! Are you from Greece too??


Oh no. I am Korean. I just know Greek alphabet and Koine Greek which I studied a while ago, similar but not exactly the same as modern Greek. Also a bit of Russian helps me in some Greek words as well.


Well, that is quite impressive!
And again, thank you!!!


You came to the right place for :xP: support.

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to use my oft-repeated phrase, borrowed and never returned, from a Chaos Project member way back in the day: Welcome to Chaos!

You probably won't see me posting much these days but I am always watching. and I'm always willing to offer help.
I no longer keep up with posts in the forum very well. If you have a question or comment, about my work, or in general I welcome PM's. if you make a post in one of my threads and I don't reply with in a day or two feel free to PM me and point it out to me.<br /><br />DropBox, the best free file syncing service there is.<br />


KK20 and Ryex Thanks !!!
I found already some very interesting tutorials and scripts.
I guess later I'll bother you with questions  :P


I meant to reply to this lmao but i didn't wanna be first XD Welcome to CP and hope you find what you need here! I am one of the few graphics people here so if you ever need some rtp edits or menu stuff lemme know.


Thank you for the welcome Zexion!
And thanks for your kind offer. I may need some advice later. I'm trying to make some original graphics (for tilesets, charactes etc), but somehow I find pixel art more difficult than realism  :wacko:!!

Also, why lmao??? Is my introduction so funny, or is it because of your addiction to LoL? ;)